Have any of you experienced spirits other than humans??

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Re: Have any of you experienced spirits other than humans??


Post by kayls » 04 Oct 2018 19:16

Here in Rochdale, there is a story of a ghost rabbit that haunts a church.

I think that ghost animals are mostly pets because of their connection with people, they visit their owners and old homes. They lived in houses, and people notice if they see a ghost animal in their house. People might not notice a ghost mouse or bird, as they live outside and they might not see it as any different from a normal one, unless they see it run through a wall or something...the woods could be full of animal ghosts but we would never know it.

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Post by bluelighttouch » 04 Oct 2018 22:05

I suppose Pets might because of their interactions with people.. A;though I often wonder about predotpr type animals,whether they still have the huntimg instinctt. Never heard of spirit lions or Tigers etc..
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