Ever watched 'The sixth Sense..

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Re: Ever watched 'The sixth Sense..


Post by bluelighttouch » 28 Jun 2010 15:33

Sand Dancer wrote:I was eavesdropping on another forum and they totally slated Colin Fry. I like him. I also like Tony Stockwell, who apparently told a girl her disabled dad had been in prison when he hadn't, they sued and won £8000 in damages, this was within the last few days apparently.
Really! I heard it was an out of court settlement for causing the family undue distress.

Some of our Chiefs believe the land belongs to them...
But that is not what The Great Spirit told me... He said No one owns the land, that the land belongs to him. We are just keepers of the land, for our children and for their childrens childen.

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