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Re: A close encounter with the truth:


Post by idurrudi » 24 Dec 2018 12:50

I have to define a little first :

Round lights in the sky -------------------

When I was a child, I realized that I was going out of my body during sleep.
One day, at the exit and hovering of my soul, a glittering sphere of diameter was flown there somewhere half a meter and was blended with my soul.
It was a kind of reincarnation of foreign energy. Together with an intruder, we were in the moment in the body.

Just as the human body changes evolutionarily, souls or enriched souls are simultaneously changing.
How I live with this foreigner, I have already written a lot in this subject.

In recent times, glittering spheres have been observed in the world that float and move at different speeds and directions.
(when they want to be visible - they become visible)
Therefore, with certainty, I reveal that evolution has also made its own in the fifth dimension, it has become progressive - the bright spheres in the sky can be the gatherers of the souls who preserve the enlightened souls or somehow lead them, and when conditions are again literally thrown into the young bodies of the earthly.
Perhaps, in some ways, it is allowed for me to write about this, because the time of truth is about.

In the three-dimensional world there are living beings of light,
People, animals, plants;
These creatures, or their bodies, are mortal and, after death, turn into various energies, such as food for all these light beings.
There is no Sun in the five-dimensional world, not even death or birth.
Only the mixing of energies in various template forms prevails, which is pretending to be only energy.
It is only when it is attacked that it changes its form from which it was created.

I walk with ghosts: to describe a little

My first concern is that as I leave the body, it remains in the same position as I left it (which is very important when moving back to the body.)

From here on, I do not realize that I am in the fifth dimension (this happens and the finding that I am no longer in the body, I need my brain).

I travel with an archival niche (round light 50 centimeters - 100 kilometers in less than five seconds)

I work in conjunction with other enriched energies, which I already agree in a physical form (I am the mediator during my life in the paranormal world.)

I received all the necessary energies for treating the celestial side
Southwest, I've been using it for more than half a century.

I work carefully with my body carefully, always thinking a step further.

I have the ability to influence the life or death of someone I define.
You can change the effect of the mechanical and magnetic forces of the ITD

For now,

I'm walking with ghosts

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