My first ghost encounter

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Re: My first ghost encounter

Post by bluelighttouch » 16 Jun 2017 20:29

I have had some bad stuff happen in the past.. like the glass flying off the table and smashing during a glass divinationsessionno even ouija..
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Re: My first ghost encounter

Post by Sherryanne » 17 Jun 2017 19:43

It nearly happened with us. The glass was whizzing bout so fast the other two took their fingers off and it was still moving with just my finger on it. I picked it up to stop before it went off the table. I have never forgotten it. Really affected me mentally for some time. That's why I won't use one again.

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Re: My first ghost encounter

Post by junoomaha » 20 Jun 2017 23:24

Can't say I have ever used one. I had a friend who went on a school holiday to the Norfolk Broads by barge.
One boring night the teacher, one Count Dracula (not his real name I hasten to add, we just nick-named him that, as he loved to dress all in black and his most favourite piece of music was the Mikado and his favourite film - The Exorcist!) decided to whip out his Quija board! (No, I mean a board used to contact he dead, not what you're thinking! :facepalm: ) Anyway, they tried summoning the dear departed, but didn't even manage to get Carl and Stuart :( They did get a partial hit on the barge's registration number, but that was probably just coincidence. They were then interrupted by screams coming from another barge across the way. Apparently a young boy had fallen overboard and come to a watery end. Needless to say, the board never made another appearance through out the rest of the holiday!

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