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Why do entities throw things?

Posted: 19 Jun 2018 10:46
by bluelighttouch
Over the years I am sure many of you will have noticed on various investigations the number of time things have been thrown by unseen hands..
Yet no one has capturned the begining of the trjectory. Only it seems when it make landfall creating a noise..
We hear of pebbles,coins,pieces of wood and of course the '
notorious 'Spoon Throwing incident in Michelham Priory in Sussex when the Most Haunted Team were there..
That incident alone sparked the imagination and many uni students were replaying and anaylising the footage working out the speed, angle and reveerse course of said spoon :lol:. It drew great interest for a long time.. Maybe that was the intention to begin with.

Yes gaining our attention.. maybe to say 'I am here' ..The light bulbs that break the moment the light is turned on!! Boy I have had this happen a lot of times and even got an electrician to check the wireing.

We see footage of the broken bulb lying on the floor in various clios but did the bulb blow from its fitting or did it break because it was thrown down with force..? Your thought on this would be appteciated.. :ghost: