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Re: French Investigation

Posted: 07 Sep 2018 14:28
by bluelighttouch
Well I just finished packing and so will be off in the morning, then I will find out what Most Haunteds researcher made of this venue after all they spent 3 weeks there poking about..
I'd be interested to see if they bring the team back for Halloween as we may be planning an eventthere over a few days..

Re: French Investigation

Posted: 08 Sep 2018 07:02
by bluelighttouch
Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :ghost: :ghost: :ghost: :ghost: :ghost: :ghost: :ghost: ;)

Re: French Investigation

Posted: 16 Sep 2018 20:42
by bluelighttouch
Well I got back last night late.. I did asmuch as Icould whilst I was there.. But the people staying in the propertywere too freaked out to do any spook hunting.. bloody whimpy bunch.. I as a result I went off on my own a few times outside to see what I couldn't pick up and this was looking for and mapping Ley lines as I found one that crossed the huge 98 acre property.. I was using a Random word gerestor outside particularly where I saw a Spectral figure rub across when I was last out there in May. I got 2 words in that area only Decompose and hidden..
Of a night time Imet up with my friends in the 'Active areas of the building and we planned out contact methods..

I brought out a Ouija board for them and showed them how to safely use it, Opening withprotection and with respect for spirit.. We also used a small candle.. The Randon word gereator program and recorded our sessionwith a tablet to record EVPs.. We had some contact with a male but they only gave us name beining with M and I as the second letter.. Although we knew of someone conected to the property with that initial we did not ask if it was he as spirit plays trucks sometimes..
We took a break and ised a candle with a tiney flame, we asked spirit to affect the candle and it flickered and flare to 5 inches tall...
We resumed the board again and this time we seemed to have a child who gave an age of 6 when asked..
Theydid not seem to understand our guestions and you do not expect a child of that age to be able to spell... We tried French English and German..Theu said Goodbye...

So we ended our session andreviewedthe digital recording of the session.. The guy who played it back put it to his ear whilst my mate and I got a drink.. He called I got something.. So we all had a listen, you can pick out our voices 'Asking out for spirit to use our energy and make themselves known to use.. Then in response to my asking, Is there any body there? We got the word Elijah in a very british accent.. We all had a listen and all the co ownerswere astounded at how clear and loud it was.. The next day we shared the EVP with the other co owner who is very skeptical usually and even she said Wow!!!... She said somewhere she has details of who owned the place in the past and felt this was one of the names of an owner...

U had to fly home that day... But left the board with them.. This next week someone is bringing afriend who is a paranormal investigator... and connects to MH's research dept but I was not given a name..
So U hope more is revealed..