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Was there ever one thing that made you believe?

Posted: 28 Apr 2018 13:29
by Sherryanne
I think it can be a slow process over many years for real belief to come. I had several experiences over many years, often with long gaps in between.

It was the ouiji board activity that made me believe a lot as I know nobody taking part was pushing it, and I certainly wasn't. So that was when I was 12. Before this I had felt that I was never truly alone. Just a feeling that someone else was always or mostly there. I felt that from as far back as I remember.

And tbh it's sensing and having those feelings which have developed into deeper belief as I have got older, lost my mum and dad and then unexpectedly my beautiful dog early this year.

Since then I have had some wonderful support which I feel has come from 'spirit' or guides/guardian angels and my mum and dad. Even had a special song sent from my dog or from someone who knew how devastated I felt in losing my furry friend. He has not left us. I saw him twice in near dream states last week and he came almost every morning and night for the first 3 to 5 weeks. It's not so often now but like last week he keeps popping by.

Sometimes I think you have to suffer to get that knowledge. I believe more now than I ever have.

Re: Was there ever one thing that made you believe?

Posted: 28 Apr 2018 16:15
by bluelighttouch
Yes I can understand that kind of thing. Its not so much a single event that makes one question and them believe as we all try to eliminate a false positive, so we are mainly 'sceptical believers' which is a far more sensible approach.
People who think everything is Paranormal tbh drive me crazy.. The reason being Not everything is 'Paranormal' a lot is normal.. Blind believers invariably know nothing about situations and phenomena that make one feel they are 'Being watched' when this is not the case at all but due to other factors ie High Electrical fields and Infrasound which makes one have a prickly feeling, makes the hair on the back of the neck stand up, making them feel like they are being watched...

Its hard for me to pin down a single thing that made me aware of spirit.. I was aware of spirit from an early age ie 3 or 4 but did not know exactly what that was then. I did not feel different cos I thought it was normal.
As a small child it was suppressed by my parents.. Only my nan was listening..

But when you see spirit manifest I mean solid full height in great detail solid looking.. I thought it was a person, I thought it was my brother who I had a monumental bust up with a couple of hours earlier.. So Iwas not very welcoming..:lol: I think I said 'What the hell do you want?' I kind of realised it was not my brother when the Man standing in my bedroom doorway began to break up into a fading shimmering mist.. I was not scared, I was 14 at the time..So really it was very very vivid I could describe him even now.. It seems in was my grandfather who died long before I was born. I described him and his type of clothing to my nan, she knew it washim and she showed me an old sepia photo of him and it was him. She became my confident and she set me on the right path..
The reason it was suppressed as achild was because my dad was scaared of all that sort of thing..But I grew up in a haunted house, hence wny I took it in my stride so to speak..

Re: Was there ever one thing that made you believe?

Posted: 09 May 2018 20:21
by bluelighttouch
6 month ago now a very dear friend of mine was dying, she did not have the comfort of any faith or belief, she said that'When you are dead, you are dead'... Well she died 2 weeks later and unfortunately, I was ill myself in that two weeks and as she was in such a frail state I was not allowed to see her in her last days..

I met up with 2 other close friends today who knew my friend well and knew of her adamant opiopn of 'Whenyou are dead you are dead.. So I had to tell them both about something that occurred 3 weeks ago..
I had to tell them that on April 13th that I was on a residential course and these Developing Mediu,s were practising their 'Linking in skills' So the course tutor said the lady should try to read for me.. because I am difficult to read indeed the tutor was the same..

Anyway, I agreed and this lady picked up on my friend who died about 6 months ago..she did connect withe her and gave a message to me and gave confirmation The conformation was She said she was given a date of an anniversary or birthday as May so to narrow it down and give me confirmation I sais 'When in May?' The reply was 'The end of May...
I shared the same birthday as the lady who had died and we used to celebrate our birthday together.. Anyway that was proof to me.. I told my 2 friends this today and they said they were relieved that even our agnostic mate had managed to come thru... My dilemma is.. Should I tell the lady's son..... :shrug:


Posted: 10 May 2018 11:37
by Sherryanne
I am pleased you got this confirmation about your friend x

It's never an easy decision as to whether the news would be welcomed by those loved ones left behind who don't believe.

I would play it by ear and go by what you feel when you next speak to your friend's son. I have relayed a few things to people I am not sure whether they believe - like when I saw my aunt's daughter after many years of no contact. I told her a dream I had had in which all my mum's side of the family were together which was very vivid and meaningful to me. She didn't make comment but looked surprised and smiled. The same with my other two cousins whose mum died and their mum came to me the night after her funeral. I found myself in her living room with a beautiful roaring fire (as it always was) There was just me and her standing up and she said to me, 'Thank you for coming'. This was so appropriate and although this happened within a second of appearing to fall to sleep it was very real. I have come to see that this is how my spirit family communicate with me and it's lovely.

So - sorry for going on there when it is your predicament. I would tell the son when you next speak and he can take it as he likes. If he really has no belief either he will let the comments pass without any harm - and if he is coming to have some belief he will surely find comfort.

Re: Was there ever one thing that made you believe?

Posted: 10 May 2018 15:55
by ParanormalDetectives
Yes... the location in this video..

Re: Was there ever one thing that made you believe?

Posted: 19 May 2018 19:17
by bluelighttouch
Ok guys sorry it has taken me a while to view the vid...Itspobably good to sat White ladies priory andthen pin it down at least to a nearby town of county even as people viewing this mightbe in USA oe anywhere.. Thenew camera looked better, clearer, but a few parts were hard to view because of jerky camera novement.. Thats a real pity about the battery combusting.. Usually the batteries just drain.. I have had one incidence ofa battery shorting out and nearly caught my back pack on fire.. It was not on an investigation setting, we put it down to a badly made battery.. It is typical that after you had camera failure that you said you had action but none on camera and the evps were not audible to us..
I should say interesting historical data at the begining caught my interest and good analysis on concluding and a tie up with Alice a Prioress there that could be verified by records..
are you using Digital voice recorders? They are cheap and can be left by locled of cameras running for 3 hrs or so, better than a little burst of recording.. Obviously it takes time to go through it afterwards..
On the whole you continue to evolve and improve..

Iam off minday to France to do some investigating myself.. SoI will be on site for 6 nights, its very large and multilayered activity etc.. My problem is airline are being very difficult about me transporting anything electronic..Because its cabin baggage only.. :rolleyes: Yep its Ryanair...I will be doing some Dowsing out there so hope they do not confiscate those..

Re: Was there ever one thing that made you believe?

Posted: 23 Oct 2018 14:44
by bluelighttouch
Updates on this venue can be found on the thread French Investigation.