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Negative Entity Need Advice ASAP

Posted: 06 Mar 2018 14:37
by seanyd800
This sounds crazy to me but I don't care as i need advice...

A while back I was on ecstasy and I had an experience. I believe I was able to see a negative entity. I saw it in a person at a house party, his eyes looked very unusual so I was looking at him quite a lot and saw his eyes changed and turned almost dark black/ red. I never experienced anything like this i am aware it could have been an hallucination but it seemed extremely vivid and I think he was temporarily possessed..

Also my cousin that i visit a good bit is into the occult and claims his house is a portal.

Recently before i went to sleep in my house i noticed something very unusual. On the bottom of my beds headboard I noticed 2 small red hand prints. Is this a sign of a negative entity's presence ?

Need some advice asap,
would a priest blessing house remove any negative spirits ?
I am unable to get good nights sleep as I am very nervous now.

any advice would be really appreciated,
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Re: Negative Entity Need Advice ASAP

Posted: 07 Mar 2018 20:53
by bluelighttouch
Ok I have read your post and I left it for a day to see if anyone else had any ideass or opinions so it seems no one havscome up with anything.

first off I am surprised that you confessed to using E's on an open forum...Its not something I would play with myself.. But I am not unaware of circumstances that can come from using that and other recreational drugs that are sometimes used to promote a state of 'Lucid Dreaming' this is a form of Waking Dream. This means had you not taken anything you might have just put this down to a bad dream..

Now you mentioned also That you visit your cousin who has ab interest in the Occult, and then say He thinks he has a 'Portal' in his house.. So this is obviously worrying you, but I wonder if your cousin is worried too?
To be frank Portals do exist, but they are pretty rare.. They can open up through for example, structual change to the building if anything significant was connected with the land prior.

If you Cousinhas been messing with the Occult, he is pretty foolish , he has obviously told you about this and I wonder if he too has experimented with' 'E's' or Spice or other nasty chemicals.. Yes Hallucinations both audio and visual are common. This does not mean there is anything going on either Psychically or Spiritually or to anything Demonic or Elemental.

You do not say if you have any religon but you mention 'Should I get a Priest in?'
To be frank if you are a devout RC church goer, and the Father in your church thinks he can help you, that is up to him. But in my experience Exhorcism is rarely performed these days and generally make the situation calm dowm imitially and then get worse. But before your cousin can do this he has to have evidence... and it needs to be corroberated by another non friend or relative.

It seems to me your experience has scared you and you mind is in overdrive, our brains have a tendanct to fill in the gaps when we see things. Like you mentions seeing small red hand prints on your head board..
However you do not describe the head board ie Colour, plain or patterned, neither do you describe the hand prints. ie full pal prints or justfinger tips etc.
Now if it was me, I'd be very detailed and I would have taken a couple of pics on my phone etc, I'd have measured them and written down a description, I would have asked another to look at my headboard without knowing what they were looking for, in order to see if without any prompting from you, they saw anything at all etc..

Now you may know that when someone takes recreational drugst their pupil 9 time out of 10,will Dilate, and so may appear to be black, the only exception to this, are Opiates that give 'Pin pupils.

So, now you have this info, do you still think you have a problem or do you think this is a case of you being suggestable because of the Lucud dream situation.
Ok have a think and then if you need to get back to me...Please do so.
Please bear in mind we are a forum and not just a resorce to get advice.. So have a look around, look at peoples experiences, you will see they are more fascinating, than scary.. :mhf:

Re: Negative Entity Need Advice ASAP

Posted: 09 Mar 2018 13:38
by bluelighttouch
Well that must have been what they wanted to know..poof disappeared in a puff of ectoplasm no doubt!. :ghost: :forum: :mhf: