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Suppose you are an Atheist?

Posted: 30 Nov 2017 01:15
by bluelighttouch
Recentky in the last 2 monts 5 of my friends has passed away quite suddenly...Out of that 5 3 were Atheists.. even though 2 of those 3 were lapsed cathlics.. All three said..Pretty much the same words to me..'It is what it is' after being diagnosed with Cancer and all 3 also said 'When you are dead, you aredead, thats it, finito'....
How verys ad to feel like that when faced with certain death...

My own dad was an Atheist, yet when he faced open heart surgery I over heard him tell the nurse filling out the admission forms saying he was C or E... When I challenged him, he said 'It always pays to have insurance'...

Considering his yearsof Disbelief he told my mum if he could come back and contact her then he would... In fact he did so a few months after he passed..
So it makes one think doesn't it..

My friend who passed on sunday also said youaredead and thatsit.....
But today something strange occurred... I went to the cafe that she and I used to go to once a week for breakfast.. I ordered our usual brekky and was suddenly aware that I could hear her voice in my ear !! Clairaudiently.. She was saying Thank you for all my help and wishing she could have breakfast with me one last time... She has only been gone 3 days.. So I felt very privileged, but kinda upset..
I hope no one saw me shed a tear.... Only 30 minutes earlier her son had texted me her Funeral arrangements!!
This was her saying Good bye, the one who was the staunch Atheist!!! What do you make of that..?

Re: Suppose you are an Atheist?

Posted: 30 Nov 2017 04:51
by junoomaha
My brother in law's father (so, my uncle in law?) was the chairman of the British Atheist society, so I have often experienced their point of view. From this perspective I have learned that their main ''concern'' is Religion - the way
beliefs in God are taught. They are not so much ''disbelievers'' as just opposed to being told what to believe. When they say they don't believe in God, what they actually mean is they don't believe or don't want to believe what their alleged elders and betters tell them to believe. So in fact many are really agnostics or anarchists. To take an analogy, it's a bit like saying that Teresa May claimed to be strong and stable, whereas after the last election she was proved to be weak and wobbly, therefore Teresa May cannot exist, it is a counter intuitive argument. Many quote science as the bases for their belief. All science does is demonstrate how things work - it doesn't tell you who invented science.
Some say religious people are narrow minded, but they are just as narrow minded themselves. Don't just see the wood or the trees, see the wood and the trees! :)

Re: Suppose you are an Atheist?

Posted: 30 Nov 2017 15:51
by Sherryanne
I can understand why some people don't agree with religions. I don't, though so long as they aren't being nasty about it then it doesn't bother or offend me.

I can't say I believe in one religion, though I always put C of E on forms for simplicity.

I do believe in a higher 'force'. I don't believe God punishes us. I think he or his good energy is there to help pick up the pieces with strength and comfort when things go wrong or get tough. The power of prayer has helped me over the years.

I feel there is more to life than this - too many coincidences and happenings for there not to be. Also if we think about it deeply enough it isn't hard to imagine that we have always 'been'. It can be mind fuddling though lols.

Re: Suppose you are an Atheist?

Posted: 30 Nov 2017 16:01
by Sherryanne
Sorry Blt - I hadn't seen your post above Juno's!

That experience must have been both comforting and upsetting xx It is lovely she was able to come through and thank you in that way, but it must also have been deeply emotional for you.

Well, it does seem your friend had a big surprise at her own survival so must have done her best in communicating with you. I bet she will be watching at her own funeral and having a knees up with her loved ones over there.

I find it difficult to think about people who have no belief in survival. It is indeed sad to be thinking that way. I am so glad I have my belief. I don't know how I would cope without it. Sometimes that thought can be all that keeps me going in this difficult world of ours.

Re: Suppose you are an Atheist?

Posted: 30 Nov 2017 23:09
by bluelighttouch
For me it is not the first persom I have had, come to me a few days after death to say Goodbye.. She knew I was unwell and did not visit her because I did not want her to catch my cold and hasten her departure.. We kept in contact by phone and text.. but obviously I was worried when I got a text from her son saying she was now unable to reply to text.. Sure I miss her we had known each other for most of our lives.. So I felt blessed that she was able to come and say goodbye..

Re: Suppose you are an Atheist?

Posted: 07 Dec 2017 14:14
by Sherryanne
You are very lucky in that respect that you have had such real communication from loved ones/friend after they have passed over. I have had this from mum, dad, my dog and an aunt. It's strange that in my dad and aunts case it was very soon after passing that they said the words Grateful and Thankyou for what I had done for them.

The last few months before my mum died and although I looked after her and was there for her there was a strained atmosphere between us. It was because she had been poorly for so many years and I was feeling the strain and felt close to breaking point. At the same time I was also supporting my dad, bless him through cancer. It was tough and my lovely mum sometimes pushed my emotions too far for comfort. I am not good with showing my emotions. I know my mum did understand that but we had had words a few times about it. We were especially close and I will always feel a part of me died with her. After she passed I knew she understood why I was like I was but a few little doubts began to creep in. I cried one day and said I hoped she could forgive me and hadn't fallen out with me. That night I dreamt I was in a room with others - can't remember who. But mum was there. She was walking about and looked somewhat younger and I was sat in a chair. She looked at me from across the room and came to me and sat on my knee - lols (That would never have happened in life!) I don't recall if she spoke but I knew she was saying she did understand and she loved me. I felt her weight on my knees and I put my arms around her. She felt solid and real and I was saying or thinking - Mum should be dead but she is alive and I can feel her. It was very comforting and I knew there were no hard feelings towards me.

As you know I have seen and hugged her about three times since.

Have to say I do feel blessed to have had what I have.

Re: Suppose you are an Atheist?

Posted: 07 Dec 2017 19:19
by bluelighttouch
I know what you nean as it gives you comfort..
I have had other things like this happen 20 years ago when my neighbour had a Cardiac Arrest, her son ran 3 dorrs down to my house where my son aged 14 and I were.. He screamed mum is dying please come.. I grabbed a stethescope and my son and we ran to help. The lady had arrested and my son and I were doing CPR on her the ambulance took 15 minutes getting to her.. We kept up the cardiac massage until they took over.. Sadly we never got her back.. We sadly went back into our house.. Tried to sleep later that night, I was half asleep and found I was hearing her voice.. I never forgot her words.. She said, 'Thankyou Darling for you and Ian trying to save me, I am sorry it was just ny time..'... I never forgot her... She was not an Atheist by a very religous retired school teacher..

Re: Suppose you are an Atheist?

Posted: 17 Dec 2017 20:13
by bluelighttouch
Considering one of my friends, Lesley the latest one to pass away,was an Atheist.. so far she has come thru to me twice !!! The funeral was only this last friday, so thats pretty good going.. Both times it was Clare audiently..