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Strange Pale-White Flash Creature?

Posted: 03 Sep 2017 21:04
by Techni
Haiz, Everyone.

I am new to this forum, I found it searching for paranormal forums on Google.
The reason I came here is that I am hoping to find information about an odd experience my family and I have witnessed. Or, maybe someone else who's encountered similar?

Across the road from our house, is an open yard with a garage which belongs to our neighbor.
Sometimes you can hear knocking and banging sounds coming from that garage, but I've assumed it to be acorns or twigs falling on the roof.
But, yesterday, I went out to check the locks on our truck, as I do every night. And heard knocking that sounded too rhythmic to just be falling acorns.
I watched the garaged area for any movement or signs that an intruder might have been trying to break into it, I knew our neighbors were in their home.
Not long after, there was a flash near the garage and a pale-white blob-like thing with long and skinny limbs was visible for only a split second. It kinda looked horse like with the bulky body, but no neck or head that I could see.
It was just pale-white light, no color or flesh/fur/ect that I could make out.
When I saw it, I felt a jolt that caught me off guard, almost like touching an electric fence.
I didn't feel any fear from it, and I continued to watch after the experience because I was shocked and kinda, actually, wanted to see if it happened again. But, only the knocking continued, didn't see any more lights or flashes.
I told my Mom about what I had seen, and she told me that she and one of my sisters had also seen it while they were sitting on the porch with my nephew playing.
She continued to explain it, and it was as I had seen it. They also felt a surge of energy, as she explained it, come from it when it appeared.

I haven't been able to find any information about this kind of phenomenon on Google. So, I thought I'd go straight to asking in a forum dedicated to such things.
If anyone might have some information to what it is we've seen, I am VERY curious and interested to find out.
I'm not scared or intimated by this event, just down right curious.

Re: Strange Pale-White Flash Creature?

Posted: 04 Sep 2017 18:59
by bluelighttouch
Good evening and welcome to :mhf:
I have had many experiences over many years.. But have to say I have read your post through.. It sounds like a 'Portal of some kind that periodically opens.. I have seen manifestations where the subject was walking on the original roman road so they were only visible from the knees upwards.. But an animal of some kund only visible without head or neck?? Makes me wonder exactly what was on that site years before..
For example was it a slaughter housefor the meat trade.. then it might fit..

As during war years meat rationing forced people to consume horse meat.. Just a thought..... I'd be looking in the local library for old ordinance survey plans or old street plans .. Even the local Records office..

My friend was a Historian and researcher for MH and I know what he used to do.. Is anything known about the location.. Anyone got CCTV pointing that way ?

Re: Strange Pale-White Flash Creature?

Posted: 11 Sep 2017 05:48
by Techni
Sorry for not checking back in a while!
I kept forgetting to check back here every time I was on my PC. XD

Checking the Library and Records Office is a good idea, I'll have to do that.
I actually didn't think about it being caused from past events. That sounds very plausible.
Right now, I don't know of any such events.
The property is separated by the road from our neighbors' house. And, Is just used for storage. But, the area is clear and could have been used at one time for horses or livestock, it's a big enough space.
But, I've only been able to ask their older children if I could look around the garage.
Their father doesn't want "People snooping around" without him there. But, I can't ever catch him. And, don't know what I'm going to say when I ask if I can. I'm not going to tell him "Oh, I seen a ghost creature near your garage pop in and out of vision for about one whole second and just wanted to take a closer look at the area." X'D

About the CCTV, No. But, I do have a regular camcorder I could start leaving out to record of the night.
I could mount it right from our porch and pointed it at our neighbor's garage and see if it catches anything.

Re: Strange Pale-White Flash Creature?

Posted: 11 Sep 2017 17:16
by bluelighttouch
Good plan I must have misread as I didn't realise your experience was outside..
There is a friend of mine who is regged on here I will ask her about your horseyexperience as I am aware of hersaying that something horse rekated happens in an area of her farm..
I will message her to look at your thread ok and maybe you might learn something..