Tower of London ghosties..

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Tower of London ghosties..


Post by bluelighttouch » 09 Jul 2017 14:53

There seems to be a bit of 'income generation' going on at this venue.
They seem to be putting out they have sooo many ghosties :lol: just about everysingle person unlucky enough to have met their end there.. I think its just an advertisimg ploy seeing as if you look on their website its only advertising its price list for day time.. No mention of night ghost tours/ walks etc.. Theymissed the boat??? Just some of the spectres are 'The two liyyle Princes' Anne Bolyn Nargaret Parr. Sir Walter Rayleigh etc..

I have been to this venue many years ago and thought it was all a bit too touristy, geared up to fleece the masses..
Surely not every single person they killed off is Earth bound!!! I qould have thought they qould have moved over by now.. :D :ghost: :ghost: :ghost:

Oh and the Ravenscon.. A gaggle of Ravens reside at the castle, they are not caged, these birds it is said 'Will never leave the Tower of London as if they do the Moichy will fall'. So not wanting to chance any leaving, all the flight feathers on one wing are cut so when they try to take off and leave, they wobble and can barely rise about 6ft...
So that is why they cannot leave!! :rofl:

Some of our Chiefs believe the land belongs to them...
But that is not what The Great Spirit told me... He said No one owns the land, that the land belongs to him. We are just keepers of the land, for our children and for their childrens childen.

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