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A Book........

Posted: 28 Mar 2017 16:03
by Sherryanne

I downloaded another Kindle book last weekend. It's called Dying to be me. And the author is Anita Moorage. I could have that last name not quite right.

Basically it is supposed to be a true story of a lady living in Hong Kong and was brought up with the idea that women had arranged marriages and didn't have careers. This lady went against what was expected of her and is a likable character. All her life she wanted to please others but found she couldn't and eventually she became ill with lymphatic cancer. All her organs closed down and her family was told she wouldn't last the night. However, whilst she was in the comatose state she was aware of everything. How upset her family was and of what the doctors were saying. She was given information about what existence really is, what God is, and that we are all Love and connected. She was given the choice to go into the afterlife or to go back and carry on with her life. She chose to come back and amazed doctors with her rapid recovery. Medically it should not have been possible for her to recover from the state she was in. Within days there weren't any signs of cancer in her body, yet days previous her body had been ravished with it, she could not eat or drink and had open wounds all over which should have needed skin grafts. She came to realise that it was her state of mind that had caused disease in her body and that she needed to love herself and trust in herself to heal. Her object is now to help people with the power of mind into being well.

To be honest I am not totally sure of this but it's an interesting read so far and is not depressing. Also she has back up that this happened to her regarding her condition at hospital. Of course nobody can prove her OBE. The book is published by Hays and I got the link from David Wells information.

Re: A Book........

Posted: 30 Mar 2017 15:26
by Sherryanne
I am still reading this on my kindle and although it may sound hard to believe for many reasons but there are things which I can personally connect with to a possibility.

When this lady had her OBE she found herself in the cosmos when the knowledge of our true existence became evident to her.

I remember that experience I had one morning whilst still in bed. I was wide awake but when I closed my eyes I saw scenes unfolding like I was there looking into it.. I was seeing the cosmos as if I was in it and there was a huge bright red heart, like a valentine heart, softly pulsating and moving amongst the stars. There was something attached to it and flowing down which I thought to be some sort of life cord. It was amazing and beautiful to see and I really felt like I had been allowed to see something I wouldn't normally. I felt elated all day. The more I think about this and what it meant it tallies with so many religions and beliefs that God is Love. And that is what God is - the energy of the cosmos and all that is. Not a person as we know it. It's an energy of love which we all come from and are part of. That's why we are said to be all connected and we each have God within us. We are all made of the same ingredients and we return to our natural home once this life is over.
What this entails or how the afterlife will be I don't know. But I hope our existence will be that we do see our loved ones again. I do think we will. Obviously these are just my thoughts on the subject and I don't wish to offend anybody.

The more I think about it this is what I believe.

Incidentally, before I saw the cosmos that morning I saw what looked like negatives of photos. These were several of my mum's sisters and I think her brother. I could not see there faces as they were blacked out but I could see the outline of their hairstyles and a forces hat my uncle would have worn. Immediately after that is when I saw the cosmos. This was November 2013 and November 2014 is when my lovely mum passed. Maybe I was being shown this to help me when her time came.

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Posted: 30 Mar 2017 16:27
by bluelighttouch
The Cosmos to me is just a broad spectrum term for 'The Stars'.. it does not denote any particular place or realm and to be honest no particular religon either, in that it is Universal.. To me Religon is an excuse for all Wars!!! So I try not to involve myself in anything religioud..

I do not see the connection with the book lol should this post have been on a different thread..

I will try to explain the 'Life cord' in a pm ok..

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Posted: 30 Mar 2017 18:41
by Sherryanne
Yes, that is what I mean about the cosmos - being out there with the stars in the universe. I think the same about religion, although I didn't always. That was before I did lots of reading and came to the conclusion it has a lot to answer for - killing, wars, and judging others wrongly.

Lols - there is a connection with my experience of 'seeing' the cosmos/universe/stars as this is what the lady in the book experienced to a much larger and detailed degree in the book.

Thanks for the pm x

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Posted: 01 Apr 2017 20:11
by bluelighttouch
Youare very welcome.. I know religions cause war.. Mostly over others wanting people to conform to their percieved 'God'. But what is a 'God'? I know people who say Robert Plant is a Rock God ..:lol:

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Posted: 03 Apr 2017 16:01
by Sherryanne
Lols - yes there are plenty of God's in that respect! I believe in a God of sorts, just not the man made religioun ones. I have my own theory and I'll be honest, pray a lot.

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Posted: 04 Apr 2017 16:13
by bluelighttouch
A few months back I was at a Mind Body and Spirit event, there was a group of 'Nut jobs' to my minfs thinking, who were teaching the God was a Raylian from a distant star cluster !!!!!
They make as much sense to me as a Scientology follower sitting in a shop window in the Tottenham Court Road in London, armed with a stethescope listening to a tomato.... :rofl:
Honist I saw it with my own eyes..

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Posted: 05 Apr 2017 10:58
by kayls
Listening to a tomato? Why?