Dragonfly spiritual significance??

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Dragonfly spiritual significance??


Post by bluelighttouch » 06 Jun 2015 15:23

Near by to me is the Dragon Fly spiritual centre, primarily its a centre for teaching spiritual awareness and Mediumship.. When I say nearby its abtually 20 miles away :lol: which is kind of why I declined the offer to teach Circle there..

Anyway I digress, I had this urge today to look for a couple of solar powered Dragon fly things.. In certain Native American Tribal Spirituality it is often depicted. It features on pictogragm and Totem poles even.. In Navajo it means the sign for Water and purity, happiness and also for change.. It is because the Dragon fly spends the first part of its life under water,as a nymph then when the time is right it undergoes metamorphosis then energes into the familiiar 4 winged insect we often see.

Spiritually I heard the significance is many and varied. some say it is a childs spirit, others say its a Happy spirit, indicates chang for the better..
So I wondered what you felt about this??
It would be nice to discuss Symbolism maybe not just this particular totem animal... Ideas and input welcome.. :)

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