Shipwrecks and Ghost ships..

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Shipwrecks and Ghost ships..


Post by bluelighttouch » 17 Apr 2012 13:03

The sea around the south east coast is pretty dangerous. We have shifiting snads that move with the tides and the times of year.. Periodically when we have big Spring tides...(it doesn't have to be Spring time) these big tides run very fast, they come in fast and are deep, they run out fast too and run further out.. Because of their actions on the seabed, often some shipwrecks get uncovered and the Marine archeologists pounce and for a few hours respite survey the wrecks...

A paricularly notorious area for Shipwrecks over the centuries are the 10 mile stretch of the Goodwin Sands, just off the Kentish coast. These sands shift... one moment the sand is soldi and the wrecks are buried in it, the next moment the sands become liquid and the sand is washed away with the outgoing tide revealing wrecks. There are over 2000 wrecks on the goodwins alone.Including War time wrecks.
One such wreck was a schooner The Lady Lovibond... This vessel was on a passage to Oporto in Portugal in 1748, its Captain Simon Peel, was newly married and was celebrating with his new bride Annette . It seems they were on a honeymoon cruise with their friends, relatives .
It seems there was great celebrations and the first mate was not pleased. Particularly as he had also had designs of the Captains lady and was most upset to have his love taken from him and he be forced to serve the very man who had taken his love from him..

As The vessel approached the Goodwin s under full sai. the mate reached for a Belaying pin and came up behind the helmsman and dealt him a vicious blow to the back of the head, killing him instantly.. He then grabbed the ships wheel and drove the vessel onto the treacherous sands.. The channel was narrow and he knew it and drove the vessel on under full sail.. Whether anyone tried to stop him, was not known.. but the ship foundered and sunk with all hands.. The date was the 13th February 1748...

50 years later the Lady Lovibond was reported again.. on 13th February 179..8 50 years to the day of her sinking.. The vessel was reported by two independant vessels a fishing smack and a much larger ship.

There are other recorded sightings of this vessel at 50 year intervals...
:ghost: :ghost: :ghost: :ghost: So hows is that then...

What I would like to know is this... if the ship was lost with all hands etc how did they know about the murder of the Helmsman or that it was one blow with a belaying pin.. Who told the tale... What do you reckon...

Btw the sourse is Wikipaedia if you want to have a look.

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