Energy Vampires are real..

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Re: Energy Vampires are real..

Post by kayls » 18 Mar 2017 20:33

Yes, I have heard about that.

I don't think I would know one if I saw one though, I am super introverted and being around anyone drains me after a bit...except for a small amount of people who I am close with.

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Re: Energy Vampires are real..

Post by bluelighttouch » 18 Mar 2017 23:14

I guess we have all had bad experiences without knowing quite what was going on.. This really does affect any of us both mentally and physically.. Sometimes we just have to cut them lose, or they will monopolise our time and to be jealous of us having other friends apart from them is very controlling and is a form of abuse..
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Re: Energy Vampires are real..

Post by NIGHT WALKER » 03 Jun 2017 03:46

Of course they are. Not sure "vampires" is really accurate, as in the traditional sense, but drawing energy just a modern notion that the part of the "body' is "removed, just not blood, if you go along with the notions that "vampires" actually existed, not counting Vlad, ruler but not someone Stoker would try to recreate.

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