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Celebrity Ghost Hunt..

Posted: 07 Feb 2018 19:03
by bluelighttouch
Last night I actually watched this show, it was set in the Underground Secret Nuclear Bunker at Pilgrims Hatch..

The reason being that I have been there 3 times. My son organised a 4 day games meet in that venue for 40 students from his uni.. So I had to go and look the place over with him and so we did a quick tour with the owner and to discuss catering etc.. Its multi level and packed with old electrical equipment and has a large Dormatory and lots of rooms with plant, air cleaners, water/ waste recycling etc.. Soonethe day I then had to transport hi, andlots of equip,ent to the venue leave him and his GF and 40 others and come back on the fifth day to pick him up again..

Anyway these minor celebs werelet loose down there with some bits of basic equ[ment like a Franks box and the usual EMF and K2 meters.. They kept rushing about a screaming.. saying they felt they were being watched!!!

Any investigator with any experience would know that sound carries and in the dark its hard to judge where it is coming from. They freaked over a Ticking clock :lol: The feeling they had of being watched, does not mean they were being watched by anyone or anything, it simply means that around electric fields there will be high levels of Infrasound.. This is the feeling one gets from this..
Yes the place is creepy and it smells odd too cos the air recyclers are not on all the time.. There are decades of dust down there and people running about stir it up.

Then Ryland appears, OMFG what a prawn he is :lol: So camp and also with very limited experience..

When I returned after my sons event, they were pleased to leave, they said it was creepy again because of the infrasound and because they were cold down there for 4 nights.. I did pick up a raggedy beardedhermit type spirit in the corregaret exit tunnel out back.. I did not find it had any dark energy and 'No one died there etc.. It was olny used for training purposes during the 'Cold War' era.. I think there is more of it tonight :rolleyes: :rofl:

Re: Celebrity Ghost Hunt..

Posted: 14 Feb 2018 16:11
by bluelighttouch
I recorded this episode and am watching it now. Do not know if I will bother to watch it all :lol: As I just heard the very minir celebs are all Towie ie FIK!! The only reasonI am watching it is because the venue is 'The Ragged School in London'.. This time the Medium Alex did assemble the celebs and did do a 'Prayer of Protection' a good thing to do to quell panic in rookies :lol: ediumAlex senses a small boy whogave the impression he was prevented from goimg to the toilet? Hmm and the name of Mrs Williams ? a teacher also a 'Sarah' who is ? sisteror protector of the small boy... Now using a blackboard flat on a table with a pen planchette.. They are now using it as a spirit board and are freaked about the result.. Soo instead of staying and discovering more, they pack up and move to another part of the building.... why??

They move to a small room used for storagae, celeb is freaking out here..Male celeb says he heard a screeching and groaning, I never heard a thing. Next they are screaming saying they can see a man, lot of panic andscreaming, sawsod all :lol; Vividimagination... Nothing on camera of course and no audavles apart from the Wusses screaming. No doubt they will relocate again :rolleyes: The idea is to follow up activity and prove things, not run the other way..I do not lnow who these twats are lol cos never watch Towie...
Someone called Chloe says she saw a grey haired old man, nothing on camera.
Now using an Ovulex spirit box hold 5000 words regurgitated at random. near the headmasters office..
Never been a fan of those boxes as people strive to make words fit.. Nothing particularly valid.

Now going to the basement underground play ground where Ryland has set out some toys.. Celebs saying its a sad atmosphere, one saw dark shadow and another said he saw it too, a woman says her legs are being grabbed.. Chloe wants out..So leaves. Alex the Medium says she felt negative about things happening to the children, no proof of course.. Connecting with a child who is scared.. Sarah the child/ thinking of doing spirit board but velebs relucktant to stay so called it a night and left..
No history given apart from a Victorian school.. Not researched, not following up anything.. A bit poimtless.
Next weekis Hever Castle one of Henry VIII places.. Do motknow if I will bother..

Re: Celebrity Ghost Hunt..

Posted: 16 Feb 2018 20:33
by Sherryanne
I didn't watch it this week. It does disappoint me that when they get some connections they come away from it. They should stay with it. Such a shame. They need the people taking part to be serious and not jumpy or nothing will ever change from the days of MH.

Re: Celebrity Ghost Hunt..

Posted: 17 Feb 2018 23:11
by bluelighttouch
I agree, they are all just running away. If Ihad paid good moeny to go on a investigation, I would be furious and want a refund. They are supposed to be brief on what to expect and whatnot to do and how to behave.. ie Respecting spirit .. You know what they say, If you don't like the heat, get out of the kitchen..

Re: Celebrity Ghost Hunt..

Posted: 19 Feb 2018 03:44
by Findogsdad
Im sorry but I will never watch the show for a couple of reasons...

The only reason Ryland landed the presenters job is because of his sexuality... There seems to be a rule that as many presenting positions as possible are held by the LGBT fraternity... Look at the other TV channels and you will see what I mean.

Ryland might be a nice guy but he is a crap no hoper who only got the job because he is gay...

The other reason I wont watch is the 'celebs' , to coin a very badly used phrase, are another bunch of no hopers who, this time, are from Essex and again are not there because of their ability.

So called 'reality TV' has a lot to answer for and should be taken to task for the extremely poor TV shows that are screened as a result of using these useless Non 'Celebs'.

I don't have an issue with LGBT presenters, actors, some of the funniest, wonderfully talented and most respected TV and Film actors and Presenters and musicians are in that corner: Steven Fry, Freddie Mercury, Sir John Gielgud, Sir Laurence Olivier, Boy George, George Michael, Kenneth Williams, Paul O'grady and of course, Noel Coward! All absolutely Brilliant real term celebrities. Then there is Sue Cook, Sandi Toksvig, Clare Balding, Sophie Ward, Michelle Hardwick, Jane Hill... the list goes on and on. But these are all extremely talented people and I admire them greatly!

And then there was Alan Turin... How on earth could the British system treat such a Brilliant Brilliant mind and man, in the way they did following his invaluable contribution to the war effort. Atrocious!!

Yet we now have programs such as CGH presented by completely talent-less morons.

Nope for me, CGH should just be called, Ghost Hunting because, I honestly don't class any of the participants as celebrities. They haven't done anything yet, to earn that name.

Rant switch to safe...

Re: Celebrity Ghost Hunt..

Posted: 19 Feb 2018 15:52
by bluelighttouch
I did not watch the program for the Non Celebs :lol: But because the first one at the 'Secret Nuclear Bunker I knew through personal experience many times.. The next one, I missed the begining so I do not know its location, but it was so ridiculous to see the amount of the 'participant' for want of a better word, running screaming... I might not bothertonight, unless its a venue known to me..

Re your Celeb Gay list, I note most of them had the potiential to be ghosties themselvs as most are dead...You left off Sir Elton John too :lol:

I have friends of all genders..except I have not met anyone Transgender.. Their sexuality does not matter to me.. We are all more tolerant these days. not so in our grandparents days for example.

I think someone should get the job if they have the right qualifications and experience, non of which could be Gleaned from being on a dubious 'Reality tv show..

You might be interested to know that a good amount of Male Mediums are gay too. Maybe thisis because they are 'in touch with their feminine side'.. Derek Oglvie the Scots 'Sensitive' The late Colin Fry dec'd who I counted as a friend, Psychic Detective Tony Stockwell also a friend.. All brilliant at what they do..