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Ghost Adventures..

Posted: 01 Nov 2016 10:20
by bluelighttouch
Yesterday they did an all day screening of this series.. There were some good places like Alcatraz aka Evil island according to Native Americans over 300 years ago.. Well the Evil continues to this day.. The most spooky spot seemed to be that main cell block cells 13 and 14 where unexplained sightings talked of a dark figue with glowing red eyes.. A prisoner locked in there supposedly in solitary confinement called to the guards to say he wasn't alone in there. No matter how much he screamed to be let out they ignored him. In the morning they found him dead in the cell with marks around his throat consistant with strangulation and his body covered in bruises that could not have been self inflicted. The dark entity with the red glowing eyes was there too.

Another program dealt with the Magnolia Plantation. Very hainted and GA did the first paranormal investigations there. They got locked in over night in various cabins and the slave hospital, very interesting night with a lot of EVPs. I think it was better how they investigated, more scientific.

Another episode was a haunted hotel which had a brook running thru it. It was actually built around the brook. Years ago in the 1800's a young girl drowned in the brook and subsequent haunting have taken place ever since. People reported being pushed violently and knocked over so fast they couldn't even react to put out their hands to save themselves. Horrific facial injuries ensued and the hotel manageress was scarred for life.. It has closed as a hotel now and may never reopen again.
A really good series.. :angel: :ghost:

Re: Ghost Adventures..

Posted: 06 Apr 2017 11:14
by bluelighttouch
Watching Ghost Adventures at the moment.. Some incredible footage of visible spirits on camera interacting with people responding to command. A Venue in Ireland, wow never seen anything like this.. They put one of the investigators in the affected room and they videoed it and there is an entity actually standing on his head, holding up their arms, even took a playing card from the investigators hand!!.. The Investigator said he felt drained and close to a coma state!!..
The people in the property had been messing with a Ouija board anf had no idea what can of worms they had opened!!! They set up a remote camera with a recording tape and they captured an evil entity he said they set up the recording and left the room. When they came back they they found the camera and recorder turned off.. They checked the equipment which recorded the guy leaving the room, then an EVP in a gruff voice saying 'Get Out' then the devices were turned off..

It turned out the family had engaged in some form of Black Magic and had found an old book and used the incantations and mantras resulting in sunnoning up this evil entity in their childs bedroom!!!! :eek: How stupid are some people..!!

Re: Ghost Adventures..

Posted: 06 Apr 2017 15:11
by Sherryanne
How crazy to have done that - and especially on a child's bedroom!

I'll look out for that on demand - thanks.

Re: Ghost Adventures..

Posted: 07 Apr 2017 17:47
by bluelighttouch
Yep I thought the parents were idiots.. It seems they found an old manuscript book which enabled them to summon up something that now won't go away.. Stupid stupid stupid, how many times do we say do not mess with Ouija boards.. This is why..

Re: Ghost Adventures..

Posted: 24 Apr 2017 08:53
by JonDonnis
I have been exposing the new series on my site
DOne about 4 episodes I think.

EVERYTHING they do on that show is written, it is a spoof like Most Haunted

Re: Ghost Adventures..

Posted: 24 Apr 2017 10:24
by bluelighttouch
I think its the people featured that were idiots Jon.. The actual program is a bit more technically run than some of the others..

Re: Ghost Adventures..

Posted: 03 Jun 2017 03:39
Still watch the show and enjoy it. Hope no messes it up by making "unneeded changes".