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Ghost Hunters International

Posted: 16 Aug 2015 10:53
by bluelighttouch
As a paranormal investigation program I quite like this one.. Their investigations are by invitation and they do periodically get some good evidence..
I am watching one now on a plantation house and the former owner who was a Mrs Annie Palmer who owned many slaves and was quite cruel to them. She was murdered by a former lover who was one of her slaves, he stabbed her and the wounds proved fatal..
The Former slves were from many different origins including Haiti, where Voodoo is very much alive... :eek: The former owner Mrs Palmer has been seen standing looking out the window surveying all she owned...The smell of perfume and also the aroma of tobacco smoke..

Haiti has never been a place I'd want to visit.. The closest I got was the Dominican Republic.. Any spirits I contacted there were jolly, smiling ladies in national dress with a colourful head wraps...I recall an old gentleman with a tatty straw hat and round gold rim glasses.. I had similar experiebces in other eastern caribean islands too.