The Lowe Files..

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The Lowe Files..


Post by bluelighttouch » 12 Apr 2019 18:16

I watched an episode of this series set in USA. A father and his 2 sons go off investigating the unexplained,,, I thought it was gonna be about Bigfoot but this time it was about How one reacts to Fear!!.
So Dad and no 1 on visited a former prision with an execution chamber.. But in this state they only had 2 methods, a firing squad and Hanging.. So these guy spent solo vigils on the gallows and then the 'drop room'. where the body drops down to a roomunderneath this is called the drop room.. Then they did voigils in solitary confinement and another place called the dungeon.. They had receptors recording heary rate resps etc amd levels of adrenaline.
Iterestigly the dad came off best as he loved to be scared so he tolerated fear better..

It turns put that people who watch horror movies are desensitised to what they see and hear.. So the son who thought horror movies old hat was more sensative to experiencing fear and reacted more strongly to outpourings to adrenaline.. Sothat was their conclusion..

I do not think that is factual as I hate horror cos I think it is corny and pathetic so not worth watching, yet I have absolutely no fearin reportedly haunted places..
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