the most haunted information thread

Talk about Most Haunted, Antix and the Most Haunted Team here.
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the most haunted information thread


Post by kayls » 18 May 2010 23:30

information about most haunted (pretty much, the non forum related part of my "all mhl questions answered" sticky thread on the old forum.

when will there be another most haunted: we dont know, but living have given yvette and karl the rights to the show, which means they will be able to put most haunted on another tv channel.

contacting antix:" onclick=";return false; is the email address for antix, the company that made most haunted.

webcams: webcams are on during most haunted live, they are usually switched on just before the live starts. the website for this is

reporting sightings on the webcams: usually there is a contact link on the webcam page, but you can also text your message to 80889 (during most haunted live only)

tickets to most haunted live: is the official website to get tickets from, and they are free. do not buy tickets from anyone else, as they are intended to be used by the person who bought the tickets, and nobody else-if you buy them from ebay or other people, you will not get in.

do the most haunted team read the forum? not that i know of, but maybe they will look one day.

where is the official most haunted website?" onclick=";return false; this is the official website, although their official forums close on 15th june 2010.

why did the official most haunted forum close? an official statement from the moderators of the official most haunted forum said:
"Hi everyone,

It is with sadness we announce the closure of our Most Haunted forum. Many of our forums have been running for several years and have proved hugely popular, resulting in close-knit communities and friendships being formed. Unfortunately, recent usage has declined, and due to this, we have made the difficult decision to close all Virgin Media forums on Tues 15th June.

We appreciate this will be disappointing for many of you, and apologise for any inconvenience. If you'd like to continue your conversations, debates and friendships elsewhere, then feel free to post links to other online communities / sites / blogs / etc.

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Moving forward, we're looking at ways to significantly improve user interaction and commenting across Virgin Media and hope to have new and better systems up and running soon.

We'd like to thank everyone for participating over the years, we really do appreciate your contributions and input."

why did old members of the team leave: there are many rumours about why they left, but nobody is sure which ones are true.

is most haunted fake or real? make your own mind up for that one...