Has Yvette been scared stiff?

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Re: Has Yvette been scared stiff?


Post by Findogsdad » 19 Feb 2018 02:28

bluelighttouch wrote:
14 May 2015 09:42
Yep funny how theres always a few spirits in pubs, but Chester has such a spooky history. Wasn't there a pub landlord that said roman soldiers march thru his cellar in full kit and it was well documented too. Probably far more valid than a tv coming on by its self...
Iv'e rarely been to a pub where they don't have spirits, but I personally stick to the beers!! :D

I was in Chester about 18 months ago at approximately 4am, on a weekend collecting a work colleague prior to an epic 1200 mile Work trip, up and around Scotland in 26 hrs...

As I approached a set of traffic lights, (which were green I hasten to add), I saw a male who I thought was in fancy dress wearing a dress, walk up to the road junction with the lights controlling the traffic, and I checked my mirror for cars driving up behind me as I was slowing down as this bloke was walking with purpose, not slowing for the junction, and in the time it took me to do do that, this bloke had disappeared.

I later found out that there are several sightings of Roman Soldiers in and around Chester near the walls and I suppose this could account for his disappearance. There was no where he could have walked into or hid from view...

Was he a :ghost:

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Post by bluelighttouch » 19 Feb 2018 15:09

Hi, well I am wondering if it was a 'dress' you saw.. So I have questions like was it full legnth? Could it have been a Toga type garment..? If it was short, could it have been a tunic type garment? Was he carrying anything,? Could you see his feet? The reason being that the old roman roads are about 18 inches below the current surfaces and these ? Apparitions are generally 'Replays of Residual energy from that time. Because of this, they cannot interact with us, kind of like watching tv. So I cannot say you saw aghost or spirit being until you give me the answers :lol:
A few more questions, Was this figute walking in a straight line, or staggering ie a guy coming home after a few drimks etc. If you know the exact location you may find a record of any previous sightings.. It worth looking if only to eliminate things..
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