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first unseen mh episode sep 11th

Posted: 02 Sep 2014 19:08
here goes then.a revisit to galleries of justice in nottingham. mel crump isnt in the episode,but her sister kim is. kim finds it hard to keep a straight face during the messing around and yvette covers for her by saying its nerves. now i assume they may edit out some of the messing around. however during a vigil stu says "we mean you no disrespect" to which karl says "yea but go f#ck yerself" yes lovely isnt it. yvettes first lines in the first scene are "theres something nasty here,the sickest smell ive ever smelt" before sitting in the judges chair and actually doing a history description which i did find good and interesting. fred seems to attract the interest of a cheesegrater,which if it isnt edited out,is hidden up his sleeve. bottles,candles and a brush handle are thrown but not on camera. stu and karl investigate the washroom and the girls and chris go to the cells. yvette is followed by a stinking foul apparition and fred gets the cheesegrater thrown at him again. like i say,im unsure how much will be edited but the above is a good guide. i found karls rant an unwarranted one which i hope is edited out. but the episode is ok :lol: and john callow does his scripted read out at the end. look out for yvette introducing fred by revealing that she normally finds him lurking in a dark corner! oooer! :lol: