most haunted quiz

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most haunted quiz


Post by kayls » 11 Oct 2010 21:25

please pm your answers to kayls (me) by the 31st october at 7pm. :pumpkin:
whoever gets the most questions right wins, and recieves a special award in their profile :)

1. What location were the team at when Derek Acorah was "possessed" by the spirit of Kreed Kafer?

2. What series did the team visit South Stack Lighthouse?

3. Where was the live at Halloween 2008?

4. Which haunted location does Fred Batt live in?

5. Name five countries that Most Haunted have been to

6. Who was a guest on Most Haunted, on the investigation they did at the Black Swan

7. What was the date of the Most Haunted Live from Pendle Hill?

8. Which USA location did Most Haunted do a live from in June 2007?

9: What year did David Wells leave Most Haunted?

10. In which episode of Most Haunted, was a teddy bear thrown?