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haunted digital magazine

Posted: 18 Feb 2013 20:18
by kayls
this has just come up on facebook:
Haunted Digital Magazine, the digital magazine that takes a fun and entertaining look at all things scary, ghostly and paranormal is proud and excited to have joined forces with the team behind the most successful paranormal TV show ever in the history of paranormal TV shows, MOST HAUNTED!!

Karl Beattie and Yvette Fielding have thrown their full weight, support and co-operation behind the magazine expressing that they will do everything they can to help Haunted Digital Magazine be the magazine that lovers of the paranormal read.
“We’re extremely excited to be working with Haunted Digital Magazine, we have been following the magazine since their very early days and have always thought that its attitude and style was different from the rest and, to be honest, the paranormal world needs something that approaches it in a light-hearted and entertaining way.”

Although there has been no new Most Haunted TV shows for quite a while the show is as popular as ever and their faithful fans are sure to be excited about what is in store for them as WE - Haunted Digital Magazine will feature exclusive unseen Most Haunted footage, a regular Karl Beattie feature and the chance for fans to ask Yvette the questions they’ve been dying to find out the answers to. Exclusive Most Haunted news and the chance to go Ghosthunting with Karl, Yvette & the team from Haunted will also be available to regular readers – ghosthunting with Yvette & Karl – COME ON!!

Karl continues “when we first started doing Most Haunted we were a small unknown company, we had an idea and we ran with it – I see a lot of what happened to us in the early days in Haunted Digital Magazine, they’re doing something different, something that they truly believe in and we’re fully 100% behind them and can’t wait for Most Haunted and Haunted Digital Magazine to join forces in 2013. We want ALL our fans and followers to support Haunted Digital Magazine, the more support it gets, the quicker we can get Haunted to be THE magazine that lovers of the paranormal read AND, at some point in the future, to get it back into print so that it will be available to more people than ever before.”
Paul Stevenson, co-owner and editor of Haunted Digital Magazine says “we’re truly delighted to be working with Karl & Yvette; they understand our ethos, our desire and what we’re trying to do with the magazine. We’re just two guys who love the paranormal with a talented bunch of writers behind us who share our passion and desire in wanting to create THE magazine that paranormal lovers talk about and Most Haunted is one of the reasons why the paranormal is what it is today, why there are 1000s of ghosthunting groups ALL over the world and it is why I started a fun paranormal magazine in the first place and we’re absolutely over the moon that we have the support, the endorsement and the chance to work with THE two biggest names in the paranormal sector.”

Yvette Fielding, Most Haunted’s legendary presenter says “this couldn’t really have come at a better time as we have some great new plans for Most Haunted this year. Working with Haunted Digital Magazine on ideas, projects and features, we can share both our fun and love of the paranormal and only go from strength to strength.”

Haunted Digital Magazine began as a print magazine in August 2009 and ran for the best part of two years and eleven issues until rising print and distribution costs meant that the small business was forced to take the decision to become a digital magazine only, alienating some readers but welcoming a new audience at the same time. Haunted Digital Magazine has now been running for over a year and is available all over the world via iTunes, smartphone, kindle fire, blackberry, PDF, PC-Flipbook at the click of a button via

Paul continues, “By working with Yvette and Karl we have a fantastic opportunity to get Haunted appealing to a greater audience, a wider audience and a new audience as we welcome fans and followers of Most Haunted to our magazine. We realise that people still prefer a printed magazine in their hand (as I am one of them) and we very much hope that this newly formed partnership will help us to do this, the more readers, followers and fans we get means that a printed copy to go alongside the digital version is something that has a real chance of happening.

Paul Stevenson & Andy Soar
Haunted Digital Magazine

Re: haunted digital magazine

Posted: 18 Feb 2013 20:37
by SandDancer
Very interesting.........................................I'll get back and comment when I've looked at the magazine. :)

Re: haunted digital magazine

Posted: 18 Feb 2013 21:40
by junoomaha
I've got the original 1st edition of After Dark magazine - from the early 90's ;D
I think all these types of magazines died a natural in the mid-noughties after the X-Files and Buffy the vampire slayer came to an end and
everyone turned to internet publishing. Glad to see that they have come back as ''Haunted Digital Magazine'' though I see they have already closed down once! :eek:
Nothing can beat The Unexplained magazine though, that featured articles by actual parapsychologists and scientists who have gone on to work for a number of
renowned universities. TBH this new magazine does seem to be crafted by people who were brought up on Fangoria magazine! :hyper:

most haunted digital magazine

Posted: 28 Feb 2013 11:06
by mosthaunted
most haunted are bringing out a digital version of the show in a magazine form. with loads of most haunted stuff. chit chat sort of thing.

email this guy before 8th march with questions and your question may well be in the magazine. only sensible questions.

go to to see issue 4

Re: most haunted digital magazine

Posted: 28 Feb 2013 13:01
by kayls

Re: haunted digital magazine

Posted: 22 Apr 2013 08:00
by 13thatthetable
I did actually purchase Issue 5 of this magazine out of curiosity due to the hyperbole that this was " The Return " of Most Haunted.

In all honesty it is a series of articles by Most Haunted members and reference to past shows .... but as a herald of a return in my opinion it is not.

Apart from that the remaining articles are interesting especially the story regards The Gorbals Vampire in the 1950s which is unintentionally hilarious and reminds me of the scare of a Grey Lady which haunted the tenements where I used to stay and was a harbinger of doom ..... indeed I knew a girl who was a victim of this vicious entity upon allegedly seeing this apparition one evening .... she leaned out her window to have a closer look and slipped out , breaking her arm.

The curse strikes again !

Interesting to see what anybody else thinks but personally I am sick and tired of hearing " coming soon in 2013 " from this lot.

Re: haunted digital magazine

Posted: 22 Apr 2013 09:20
by clarkey
Thats what I thought. Yvette at it again saying new things planned for 2013, sorry but don't believe any of it anymore.

I got a message from Facebook over the weekend asking how often do I use Yvette's facebook page, which isn't very often these days. Just wondering if they are thinking of cancelling it, did anybody else get this message ??

Re: haunted digital magazine

Posted: 22 Apr 2013 09:45
by 13thatthetable
I am currently a member of the FB page The Next Generation not because I wish to but did want to challenge a few points.

Last week a young member on there claimed that they were being tormented by a demon. That I find distressing as Most Haunted are going down the darker route if / when they come back ..... are they going to summon Old Nick again ?

Personally I find the image of demons to be from medieval folklore and in the 21st Century to be an absurd notion so to be punting this to the viewers is to me ludicrous ... and to suggestive and vulnerable youngsters brought up on a TV diet of "Supernatural" to be irresponsible.

Glad it was not just me regards the MH content of the magazine ... otherwise I would recommend it , it was actually informative apart from that side of it.

Re: haunted digital magazine

Posted: 22 Apr 2013 12:04
by kayls
im a member of the next generation facebook group....i only started posting recently because of the lack of critical thinking some of these people were showing with their "ghost" photos. orbs arent paranormal.

i dont like the focus on demons and stuff in the paranormal, it seems a bit over the top and unrealistic. ghosts are supposed to be the souls of dead people, so why would they all be scary and evil. its much better if they investigate just the average hauntings, will seem more real.

also i doubt mh will be back on tv.

Re: haunted digital magazine

Posted: 22 Apr 2013 13:28
by 13thatthetable
Ah ... another one , well you are wasting your time there as you are drowned out with the mob regretably.

On Friday night attempted to pull one of the members up for comments regards the cursed stone circle within Niddry Street Vaults ( it is a fabrication and the stones are rotated manually over course of time - this is true , so all these tales of the circle having trapped a negative entity are .. well ... negative )

Only comment was they didnt know what was going on other than they could not move when they stood in it.

Regards rock music being heard only by themselves - I asked at what time as there is the Banshee Labyrinth nightclub is next door which is open till 3.00am , was this an overnight vigil you were on ?

Again no response to this , so much for being interested in the paranormal when you have a genuine case to discuss.

So you can see where this is going.

I am far from impressed with the level of debate on there.