favourite episode

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favourite episode


Post by kayls » 10 May 2010 09:52

what is your favourite episode of mh?

i liked the pendle hill one, both the live and the one in the series, was pretty good :)

i think series 5 was one of the best series of mh, not sure why, i just think that :)

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Post by ***Jen*** » 12 May 2010 06:50

Mine has to be the Queen Mary 2 second part.... Where they capture the salty footprints on camera and John the soundman see's a ghostly lady sitting on the bottom of the pool slide.

I'm sure I have more favourite ones but can't think of them right now, that one just always springs to mind.


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Post by SandDancer » 19 May 2010 20:40

Both of the above were great shows. I don't know what my favourites are but I think I preferred the earlier series when they used to get more in the way of light anomalies and such like. I seem to remember they asked some interesting questions too not just repeating 'Are you there', and ' Are you going to hurt us' all the time which is all they seem to do now.

I used to get so frustrated though because they seemed to get some good evidence but they never followed up and told us afterwards if any of the information they got could be corroborated. I used to like Most Haunted Extra, which was on for a while...seemed to get more feedback from that.

Oh, I just remembered one episode when they were in Ireland I think. Yvette was doing a solo vigil in a room at the end of the corridor and she heard all kinds of noises as usual. All of a sudden she heard a door open in the corridor and went to investigate and found it was a bathroom. Empty of course. She shut the door securely and went back to the room I think, then it opened again.....and she was out of there in a flash! That was pretty scary.

Am still looking forward to tonights programme, do hope it's a good un!

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