helpful investigation tips from the mh team

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helpful investigation tips from the mh team


Post by kayls » 22 May 2010 19:29

“Always be aware and never give up.”
Karl Beattie – Producer/Director

“Be aware of who is around you and take this into account if you hear, feel or sense something, especially in the dark. You need to know where everyone is at all times or you could get false results.”
Yvette Fielding – Producer/Presenter

“A ghost hunting tip is; try not to run when you get scared, stay as you might see something (I’ll try and take my own advice!)”
Cath Howe – Make-Up Artist

“Carry a camera, constantly. Invest in static EMF meters with a computer feed rather than hand-held ones. When the lights go out, stay calm, stay rational, stay objective, but record EVERYTHING!”
Ciaran O’Keeffe – Parapsychologist

“Try to stay calm at all times if possible because if you start to panic all your hair will fall out just like mine did!”
Stuart Torevell – Rigger & Cameraman

“Dress appropriately and try to avoid wearing clothes that rustle a lot. Any sounds you capture will almost certainly be quiet and to analyse them you need the cleanest recording possible!”
Matt Chance – Sound Recordist

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