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New revelations about Bigfoot..

Posted: 18 Nov 2017 22:51
by bluelighttouch
Ok yousaylikw #Whats new'? Well heres a few interesting facts that have come to light some known for 500 years and some onlu in the last 5 years or so.

First off The Siberian Yeti is probably related to the Sasquatch found all down from Alaska to the americas..
They have evolved but not as fast as Homeo Sapiens.
Theyvary greatly in size from a small4 ft one that occurs in Hawaii to those of massive stature ie 12 ft or more in North Ameria.
Before anyone says they are just Apes, ponder on this. They live in groups or clans, they are very territorial. They are Omnivorius and opportunistic taking food when and where they can get it. They have a means of cummunicating with other Bigfoot, but beating branches on tree trunks to warm of their presence..
They Bury their dead in group burial sites which they both mark and protect..They uproot tree and have been known to throw them if someone gets too close.

They construct bedding areas with woven walls and covered with brush, thick grass bedding too. They are largely 'Noctura , 'but some have been seen during the day foraging for food. They even occupy empty buildings close to a food source.
They have close associations with certain Native American Tribes and seem to understand rudementary Cherokke language and some Shawnee too.
Most have a thick hairy coat which varies according the species and location and seasons. The colours can be Silver grey, to black to white to red and even one group described as Strawberry blonde!! One group is actually hairless.

They mark their territory by scent making, they build conical structures by uprooted trees to mark trail etc.. They hunt in the company of Coyotes and Wolves using them like hunting dogs. They have been know to use and made tools of wood. One recently used a wooden probe to remove a hunters bullet. The problem in this case was that it bled badly after and was then shot by the hunters and the body concealed..

There are some clans who live in deep cave systems and they actualy produce Maps that are recognisable showing waterways and rivers they use as travel routes. They have found out in the last 2 yrs these creature have discovered fire and are cooking some of their kills, as charred remains have been founf etc.

They are not frightened of Man and come increasingly closer to a point of driving cabin dwellers out of their homes in Alaska.. They have pilfered apples etc from farms and even swiped Apple pies left out on a ledge to cool..

Moon shiners in Kentucky reported that the Bigfoot in their area had been feeding on the fermented mash used to make the moonshine and that they got drunk on it!!!

Soo Wow it seems that they are not the mythical creature many thought they were.. They have featured in Native American folklore for over 500 years.. :eek: Pretty amazing really..
Except the Hunters and trappers all want to shoot first and ask questions later. :swear: . Bigfoot will fight back...

I have been interested in Bigfoot for a long time but only in the last 3 yrs has so much new information come to light. So this is what I pieced together.. :thumbsup:
I have yet to meet one :D but I know a man who has... :bite:

Re: New revelations about Bigfoot..

Posted: 22 Nov 2017 01:20
by junoomaha
Would have thought that with all those NRA fanatics out there that at least one would have been stuffed and mounted by now, (big-foots that is - not hunters! :D )

Re: New revelations about Bigfoot..

Posted: 22 Nov 2017 16:35
by bluelighttouch
I'd prefer the gun toting idiots but actually one was shot a while back, was known as the Stoneish Giant.. The hunters removed the body in a large truck.. Evidence removed akk that was left was a massive pook of blood and the spent cartridges..
Hair sample have been collected a few tines and did not match up to any known species..

Re: New revelations about Bigfoot..

Posted: 23 Nov 2017 02:35
by junoomaha
If that were true - where's the corpse? sounds like an urban myth - or at least hunters hype! :lol:

Re: New revelations about Bigfoot..

Posted: 23 Nov 2017 14:29
by bluelighttouch
No its not a myth, it was in Kentucky and the corpse was buried but no one apart from the hunters who killed it know wherethat is.. But there were witnesses and there was forensic evidence..

Things do come up I recall a thread some time ago on here which Kayls wrote that told of a huge decomposing Bigfoot fott being found in the forest but no sign of the rest of it...

Re: New revelations about Bigfoot..

Posted: 10 Dec 2017 20:39
by bluelighttouch
I have just watched a brill vid on you tube.. But cannot add it to here.. if yiuwant to find it its called 'Sasquach speaks.. its an amazing vidoe/ audio withgreat evidence including bigfoot hand prints in the frost on the guys car and the Bigfoot verbalising in a basiclanguage he does a big burp too :lol:

Re: New revelations about Bigfoot..

Posted: 07 Jun 2018 21:40
by bluelighttouch
I have seen some very interesting Youtube vids today with vocalisations of Bigfoot.. Very impressive and mostly recoreded in canada near Lake Superior, even some rudimentary words in english.. Yes really.. They are capable of learning to vocalise in English but just odd words..