Is there life on other planets? Are monsters such as bigfoot real? Discuss anything "unexplained" that is not ghost or afterlife related here.
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Post by bluelighttouch » 24 Jan 2017 15:44

This is a big subject, which I find fascinating...

Recently I have got interested in Bigfoot... Mostly after spending 5 weeks in Bigfoot country and met someone who say he saw one.. Which goes by many names all other the continents, its ok we do not have any in the uk.. They wouldn't like our weather..
There have been some great docos on them that are currently being screened on the Discovery channel Mountain Monsters is one of them. It comprises of a bunch of 6 Mountain men Hill billy types that go in search of the illusive beast. They employ modern technology in that they used heat seeking scanners tofind the assortment of animals that residedeep in the remote forests..

I watched an episode last night set in West Virginia.. They were told a local man had been surprise by one and he grabbed his gun and fired off two shots with his shotgun. It wasn't the scatter type we see but fired a solid bullet. Theman hit the beast in the leg and torso but it made off into the forest. So they brought in the team of Bigfoot hunters.
nd seemed to be getting close to their quarry. The beast rubed against atree leaving blood and strands of fur. But these dough boys didn't do the scientific thing and retain a sample of the hair and blood for DNA analyasis.Itsead they went stalking it at night. They set a trap which of course caught nothing at all. They follow the trail of blood and then shots ring out and its not them.
No Bigfoot hasn't aquired a gun it seems there was another tean of hunters in the forest and they shot and killed the wounded beast!! Wrapped it in a tarpand dragged it off to their RV..

Sooo if it really was a Bigfoot how come the world has not found out about this....

If those idiots had collected the blood and hair samples at least they would have known what they had seen shot and killed.As usual no answers... :?: :rolleyes:
Did anyone else see this...:shrug:

Some of our Chiefs believe the land belongs to them...
But that is not what The Great Spirit told me... He said No one owns the land, that the land belongs to him. We are just keepers of the land, for our children and for their childrens childen.

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