Air Force UFO investigator sees UFO.....

Is there life on other planets? Are monsters such as bigfoot real? Discuss anything "unexplained" that is not ghost or afterlife related here.
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Re: Air Force UFO investigator sees UFO.....


Post by Sherryanne » 22 Jan 2017 09:09

It's an intriguing and mind boggling subject. I don't find it hard to believe there to be more life out there than just us. I find it hard to imagine just what it could be like. I have a friend who, back in the early 80s, was walking back home late one night and glanced above to see an area where the stars had disappeared on what was a clear starry night. He managed to work out the shape of a craft the same colour as the night sky which was large as three buses, triangular shaped and with little depth. It was low in the sky and didn't make a noise. I don't remember if he said it moved in an unnatural way I will have to ask again to be sure.

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Post by bluelighttouch » 22 Jan 2017 20:22

Soundsinteresting... Craft seen low are probably too low to show up on radar... Air traffic controllers often say pilots report seeing something but its not on their scopes. My cousin is an air traffic controller...
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