Astrotheology of the Ancients

Is there life on other planets? Are monsters such as bigfoot real? Discuss anything "unexplained" that is not ghost or afterlife related here.

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Re: Astrotheology of the Ancients


Post by SandDancer » 24 Jul 2011 19:56

I've never heard of the Mutwa Credos books George.
As for the Romans, the hunter/gathers were long before them. Isiah and Ezekial were in the Old Testament weren't they?
When farming became widespread is when the hunter/gatherers started to settle down and stayed put, which started later in this country than it did in Africa and the Middle East. People were building colossol monuments for thousands of years before the Romans. An example is Stonehenge in this country. The ancient Egyptians came before the Romans, also the ancient Greeks and Phoenicians and probably a lot of other civilsations too including, maybe, at least one site in India and another in the Far East, which I think was Ankhar Wat I. There is also evidence of previous civilisations now under water.
I'd like to know what happened in between, there's a huge difference between the early farmsteads and ancient Greek temples etc., for this to just happen overnight. When you think of the sheer mathematics needed for the calculations of the dimensions of the buildings let alone discovering how tall/wide they had to be to carry the weight etc.
Then there comes the astronomy...........I can imagine these early people watching the heavens and discovering the seasons etc., they had to to wise, not just crops but animal migration and the like. So how did they get from that to aligning up the pyramids with the constellations?
It's a fascinating subject.

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