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TMHF Updates

Posted: 02 Oct 2018 14:55
by Subliminal
Hi all,
As I'm sure you've all noticed, The Most Haunted Forum has received some updates!
Here is a brief run down of the new features.
  • New Style!
    • Select the paint brush in the navigation bar to change the color.
    • Click the light bulb to turn the lights off
    • Click the cog (when viewing a topic) to change the display of the profile information in posts
    • If you want to use the old style go to your User Control Panel > Board Preferences > My board style and set it to "ne-blackgreen" before hitting Submit.
  • Default Avatars!
    • Ever member who does not have an avatar set will now have a default avatar. As well as this, uploading your own is now easier as they will automatically be re-sized when you do. You can edit your avatar in your User Control Panel > Profile > Edit avatar
  • Board Rules are now set in their own page here.
  • National Flags!
    • Set your National Flag in your User Control Panel > Profile
    • If you don't have a flag set you'll see a message reminding you to set it - this will eventually be disabled so if you don't want to set a flag you don't have to see the message forever!
  • Emoji Support! :ghost:
    • When making a post type a colon (:) followed by an emoji name to see an emoji list appear. Click on the one you want to add!
    • A few of the smilies follow the same posting format and will override an emoji, but we'll get to those and change their shortcode soon.
  • Refer a Friend!
    • Go to your User Control Panel > Referrals to see a referral link.
    • Give this link to your friends and when they register it will log it as a referral!
There have been a bunch of back-end improvements to make your experience the best we can provide. Although you may not notice it on your end the system performance has been upgraded.

Have any questions? Let us know below!


Re: TMHF Updates

Posted: 23 Nov 2018 23:36
by bluelighttouch
:mhf: might be down tomorrow Saturday Nov 24thfor a software update...Normal service asap..

Re: TMHF Updates

Posted: 24 Nov 2018 10:54
by Subliminal
:mhf: is back online after a short maintenance period :)