Paranormal Survey-Results!

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Paranormal Survey-Results!


Post by kayls » 24 Apr 2013 21:43

Thank you everyone who has responded to our paranormal survey, which was carried out over around 18 months. We got some very interesting responses, here is what all of our survey responders are thinking!

It seems that the majority of our responders believe in the afterlife-39.1% said that they completely believe there is an afterlife. Altogether 65.1% of the people who responded to our survey were saying that they either believed or were leaning towards belief, compared to the 10.9% who were neutral, and the 23.9% who did not believe or were leaning towards disbelief.

Out of our believers, the majority believe in the afterlife because of their own paranormal experiences. This came out as 65.6% of all believers. It does make sense though, as often seeing is believing, and people trust their own senses. Other responses were that other people who they trust have experienced something (28.1%), or the amount of alleged paranormal evidence seen online or in books (21.9%). Two of our responders believe due to their own religious beliefs, and one believes because they want to.

It is fairly common to want there to be an afterlife. 60.9% of responders say they want there to be an afterlife. Fair enough, there are many wonderful things that come to mind when you think of the afterlife, such as seeing relatives again, the wonderful rewards that are promised in Heaven for people who do good in life, and the reassurance that our life carries on. This isnt always a comfort to people though-4.3% of people do not want there to be an afterlife. The most common reason for this is usually because eternity is a very long time, a sort of "be careful what you wish for" thing, and that even if things are wonderful, everything would get boring after an eternity.

We have a few paranormal investigators in the house, but not too many. Only 2.2% of responders go on regular paranormal investigations-but 37% of people have been on at least one. There are a lot of aspiring paranormal investigators out there, 45.7% of people who responded to our survey havent been on an investigation-but would like to in the future.

Paranormal investigations are rather interesting, but can sometimes get a bit boring, with 50% of our responders who have been on an investigation havent experienced anything at all. It is a waiting game though, its very common not to get instant activity in every place. if ghosts exist, theyre certainly not always up for creating activity on demand. Maybe the place wasnt haunted, or maybe the ghosts were out that day, lol.

I asked our survey responders about the paranormal experiences they have had. The most common was hearing strange noises/voices, which accounted for 53.6% of our paranormal experiences. 46.4% of the people who had experiences have actually seen a ghost. I expected this to be one of the rarer experiences, but it actually came in second. There have been a lot of ghost sightings! Here are some of our responders ghost experiences.

"i was only young when this happened. i was crying one night in my room and when my mum came in she asked what was up and i said i cant sleep so she put me in her bed i woke again during the night and my mum was fast asleep and i sat bolt upright in bed and saw a small figur in the coner of my eye. when i looked i noticed a little girl and she was holding flowers but she was trying to get into my mums built-in wardrobe but something was stopping her from getting inside i now see this girl on a regualr basis i think its something to do with me but since i had my son i havnt seen her once and that been 3 years now"

me and my then wife were walking through a school field that led to a very old grave yard my wife said theres something over there so i went to have a look as i ran over my wife came behind me and we both seen a tall black figure with a tall hat on walk and disappear at the back of a tree we ran over to look but there was nothing there

I saw a spirit just out the corner of my eye and put it down to peripheral vision and nothing more, but i caught the same spirit/shape moving several times over a period of around 3 months , 1, it always happened when i least expected it. 2, had my eyes checked and there was no problem my vision was perfect, 3, my daughter said she saw same thing without knowing what i had seen.

Lived in a haunted house as a child, all my family saw a man in a top hat and black cape. My dad thought he was a burglar and put bolts on all the bedroom doors. lol

saw a little girl standing over me while i was in bed. i was eleven at the time, she woke me up just staring down at me, i got such a fright i jumped up, my hand went through her, i knocked my face on my bedside cabinet and split my lip. as an adult, i regularly saw an old lady in my bedroom, i lived next door to a graveyard at the time. she used to shake hell out of my bed regularly. i think she shook my bed to wake me up so she got attention.

Spooky stuff! No wonder we have so many believers! I do love hearing about other peoples paranormal experiences!

Next I asked our survey responders to rate different paranormal things from 1 to 5-with 1 being not believing at all, and 5 believing fully. The most believed in thing on the list was ghosts, with an average rating of 3.52. The least believed were fairies, with an average rating of 2.30. Generally afterlife related things such as ghosts, Heaven and God were more believed over things such as fairies, the Loch Ness monster and bigfoot-mainly because these things are seen as more believable in our culture. Positive supernatural things recieved higher ratings than negative ones, with God recieving a rating of 3.46, compared to the 2.98 that Satan got. This was a trend-Heaven got 3.24, but Hell got 3.07. Angels got 3.28, but Demons got 2.96. I think the answer to this may be because people like positive things more than negative. Negative things are often harder to think about, but positive things make people feel happy. A lot of people, when they do think of the afterlife also think about Heaven rather than Hell, because it is where they feel they will be going, and have positive associations with the idea of seeing loved ones again, or meeting God.

People are divided on the idea of mediums. It was very close. 30.4% of people believe that all mediums are fake, 32.6% believe that most are real, but there are some fakes. Coming in a slight lead was the belief that most are fake, but there are a few genuine ones, which was 34.8%-winning by just 2.2%. It seems that nobody knows for sure about mediums, but people tend to exercise a bit of scepticism about them. Only 2.2% of people believed that all mediums are real. Maybe the stories of fakes and cold readers who have been exposed are getting people to be more sceptical.

I also asked people what they thought about people who believed differently to them. The majority of responses were more of a live and let live reaction-they dont mind that others believe differently, as long as these people dont mock their beliefs or are rude to them because of it.

This survey responder had a very good point "It would be a very boring world if everyone agreed on everything, discussion is healthy. Very true-the forums would be very boring if everyone believed the same thing." Debate is a good thing, and it makes for interesting discussions on forums. Another user said "they are entitled to their own opinion. i think if you have not experienced anything parnormal, then it must be difficult to give credence to it." which is quite a good point, its very hard for someone to believe in things if they have never experienced anything paranormal themselves. Some of these ghost stories are so amazing I guess it is hard to believe it if you werent there seeing it with your own eyes. This is actually a fairly common thing for believers to say, along with this opinion from another of our survey responders, who said "they will find out sooner or later for themselves then they die" If there is an afterlife, that is true, We will only find out for sure when we are there, well, if you do go there, try and come back and tell us all about it! Five people had negative views towards people who believe differently to them. Out of these people, three believed in ghosts, and two didnt.

What do you think?

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Post by Bone » 24 Apr 2013 21:57

The topic of the paranormal has always been a very interesting, yet controversial topic as it can easily be associated with religion (which is obviously understandable). Of course, there are different people in the world as this survey shows. Some people perceive things differently, which leads me to agreeing to that survey responder. While it does frustrate me at times when people don't agree with me on topics I feel most strongly about (perhaps due to my stubbornness), it would be boring if everyone agreed with everything. After all, that's what debates are for right? People are entitled to their own respective opinions. But still, we all seek out the truth, the facts, the proof.
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Post by bluelighttouch » 26 Apr 2013 09:51

I need a week to read the outcome of the survey :lol:.. My eyeballs have not adjusted to the altitude as yet.. I wondered when the results were going to be forthcoming.. bear in mind that the membership of this forum 18 months ago bears no resemblence to the current membership..
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