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posting style

Posted: 27 Jun 2012 16:14
by kayls
hi everyone :)

as some of you may know, our wonderful moderator sheila is having trouble with her eyesight. she is finding it very hard to read some of the posts on this forum.

for her convenience, if you have a lot to say, please seperate it into paragraphs, as large blocks of text (more than about 4-5 lines) are difficult to read.

if you are posting a link to another website, especially if it is anything other than white text on a black background, or contains a lot of text, please quote or explain the main points of the article in your post.

try and write in proper english as best as you can (no text talk or anything), and dont overuse the ability to change the colour text you are using, especially on important threads, using bold/underline/italics are better for emphasis.