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A change in our promotion policy

Posted: 22 Dec 2011 19:21
by kayls
Some of you may have noticed that the Link With Us forum is now gone.

This is because it is always being abused, and this is not a promotion forum. Too many people join just because they want to post their link, without wanting to get to know our community.

From now on, there will be no advertisements allowed on the forum, including in signatures. The only place you will be allowed to advertise your forum is in your profile.

To add a link to your profile, go to: User Control Panel > Profile, and add the link to your site under Website.

You do not need any posts to post a link in your profile, although of course, if you dont post, your link will not be seen as our member list isnt indexed by search engines.

There are some rules for links though, your website must not contain:
- Adult content
- Promotion of illegal activity such as hacking, piracy or drugs
- Links to illegal downloads of copyrighted content
- Scams or viruses

You have until 1st January 2012 to remove links from your signature and put them into your profile, before staff remove them.