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We are back!

Posted: 17 Dec 2011 20:23
by kayls
The forum is back online now-we still have a few features that need to be added, so there might be a small amount of downtime when theyre installed.

We have had a problem with the domain, our old host sent us the wrong details for it, so they need to send us the right ones and then it will start working again...but until then we are temporarily running off this one (which is from a domain John owns).

Re: We are back!

Posted: 17 Dec 2011 21:35
by Subliminal
Hi everyone,
As you're all probably aware the domain name was also set to transfer along with the forum. I've activated the transfer for the domain name (after getting all of the info needed) and am now waiting for to release it. As soon as they have done that the domain will be transferred within minutes and the nameservers will be set for this forum - the site will be back to normal.

There are still a few things to install which I will get done as soon as possible. As it is the Christmas holidays now I have longer hours on pretty much every day of the week which makes it difficult for me to sit down for a solid few hours and work on the forums, but I am getting it done bit by bit.
As well as this green and black style we are going to have a black and white style but the MOD edits (arcade, chat etc.) won't be added until every MOD is installed onto this current style. Not to worry though, it'll be sorted as soon as possible.

We'll send regular updates via email and on the TMHF facebook page.