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The Ghost Icon


Post by kayls » 16 Jul 2011 01:07

As you can see, there is a new topic icon, shaped like a dark pink/red ghost.

This has a special meaning.

Some members feel uncomfortable talking about personal experiences which they find comfort in (such as seeing the ghost of a dead relative), because they are worried that someone will come up with an alternative explanation which is not paranormal and take away that comfort, or they want advice on something paranormal and do not want to get into a debate on whether ghosts exist.

In Paranormal Chat, if you see this icon Image it is a polite notice not to try debating or offering alternate explanations for things :)

Please do not overuse this by putting it on pretty much every thread, as thats no fun, just do it when you really need to. Just keep it to personal experiences and advice-no news articles or photos/videos/stories by other people. Do not use this anywhere else except for General Paranormal Chat (not debate!), if its posted anywhere else it can be ignored.

On threads without this icon, it is fine to post that you can think of alternate explanations and debates are encouraged, and people who may be offended by that should avoid posting on these threads.

Thank you, Kayls.

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