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MHF Member Behaviour


Post by kayls » 05 Jul 2011 17:42

I am fed up with this now. It has come to my attention that some members are acting aggressively towards others, and putting members off from posting, especially in the paranormal section.

Ive been way too soft for far too long, and I am going to be strict on this now.

I will not tolerate it when debates turn into arguments and members call eachother names. Someone disagreeing with you is not a personal insult, no need to report the post or call people names over it. Debates are always about the issue we are debating, not the people involved.

I will not tolerate name calling or swearing aimed directly at other members.

I will not tolerate discrimination based on whether people believe in ghosts or not. I have noticed this for a while, and yet people carry on doing that. Some sceptics feel put off from posting cause beleivers are being insulting to them, and they have as much right to post as the believers do. Closed mindedness exists in both believers and sceptics, and insulting the other side is not very open minded.

If you are insulted by what people say, dont comment-report the post. Reports will of course be ignored, if you reply to the post insulting that person, as that means you are unworthy of help from the staff.

Good reasons to report a post:

The post contains something illegal or unsuitable for younger members of the forum.
The post directly insults a member (such as calling someone on the forum an idiot or swearing at them)
The post contains links to another forum, and is outside the Links section.

Bad reasons to report a post (dont report for these reasons):

You do not like that member.
The member has a view that disagrees with your own.

Several members are now on probation, awaiting action by Most Haunted Forum Staff, and will not be able to post without approval.

If you have a history of being offensive to other members, this is your final chance.

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