Special Guests to the forum

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Special Guests to the forum


Post by kayls » 06 Jun 2010 23:47

As you are aware, by the Special Guest group now showing on the forum, we will soon have visits from some very special guests.

Karl Beattie, creator of Most Haunted, sent me a message saying "Thats Brilliant Kayleigh 95 members now!! Thank you for all your support and who knows i might just drop into one of your forums for a chat when I have a spare min or two."

Special Guests to the forum, once their identity has been proved by admin, will be given a red username, to prove to other members who they are.

Please remember to be polite to our special guests, and treat them with the same respect you would with ordinary members. I dont know what individual team members opinions of this are, but please try not to keep on asking them for autographs.

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