Been reorganising things

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Been reorganising things


Post by kayls » 20 Feb 2011 18:58

I have been reorganising things round a bit in the forum, as some of you may have noticed-to balance things out a bit between Paranormal Chat and Paranormal Debate, as Paranormal Debate was not getting many posts in, and it seemed to be used in the same way.

The new guidelines for the two sections are that Paranormal Debate is for serious discussions about the paranormal, and questions you have about the afterlife and how it works (like what the afterlife is like, whether ghosts exist, or even whether ghosts need to eat, drink or sleep in the afterlife)

Paranormal Chat is for members to share their experiences and experiences of others (including ghost stories in the news or described on other websites), post ghost pictures/videos/evp, and everything else you can think of that wont fit in the debate section.

If you dont know where to put something, just post it where you think is best, and if it isnt in the right place, it will be moved by staff.

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