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Posted: 24 Sep 2018 19:59
by Téa
Just a quick hello. I see it's very peaceful and calm here.

I registered as I'm curious and I expect the answers to my questions are in your archives.

I always found Most Haunted interesting as, although I never trusted it to be 'unbiased', it was entertaining in respect of the history and the medium sections.

I am intrigued as to why there are so many 'monks' and why this would be. They just seem over-represented in the 'haunting' population, which seems to be at odds with my understanding of monks' beliefs in afterlife/reincarnation. Also, why this seems to also be the case in Buddhism and Christianity, but not necessarily cross-cultural or that there aren't as many nuns.

But reading up about it from all of the different viewpoints is quite interesting. I'm sure there is no authoritative answer.

So thank you for all of the wealth of information.

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Posted: 25 Sep 2018 12:39
by Subliminal
Hi, welcome to the forum!
I'm honestly not sure how to answer your question, or even if I could, but I'm sure someone else could come along and give it a go!

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Posted: 25 Sep 2018 17:22
by bluelighttouch
Thats a lot of questions for a first post :lol:. I am a bit puzzled as the yout thinking that Monks in spirit are over represented as I am a veteran of many investigations and only came across one monk in all this time.. That was Michelham Priory.
Many peoples belief system include Reincarnation..Not just Buddists etc. If you consider Reincarnation then once that spirit/ soul has been reincarnated in another body they will not be contactable.. How long this can take, this is not known.. We still see ghostly aparitions of Roman soldiers marching alone the old roman roads many centuries after they died, this is a replay, of residual energy, they do not react or interact they cannot..

Other Spirit encounters do interact..throw things, etc to draw our attention. They are not Reincarnated as they remain earth bound,some through choice others not so. I hope I have made a little dent in your lis..
Do have an explore, let me know what you think.. :thumbsup: :mhf:

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Posted: 25 Sep 2018 18:47
by Téa
Yet Most Haunted seem to talk about 'monk sightings' at some point in their old shows. If you google 'monk ghosts' you get lots more stories. Yet only one account of a Rabbi ghost, few of nun ghosts, no Imam ghosts....

I asked the Buddhist monks from the local temple about Buddhist 'hungry ghosts', as there are many 'hungry ghost monk' sightings in Tibet and China. They were very patient and thorough in explaining their view on why some spirits become 'ghosts' and 'hungry ghosts' and may not achieve reincarnation.

One person wrote an article suggesting that people report seeing 'monks' as the outfit is recognised more easily than, say, accountants. Also that when people see a dark, undefined shadow they may be predisposed to think of a 'monk habit'.

Gordon Smith touches on 'monks' being a common sighting in one of his books. He seems very balanced.

It just seemed to me that this was a lot of monks and that with, for example, soldiers there have been thousands and thousands of soldiers in each battle in each war yet I didn't think that the number of monks per capita was ever similarly high.

Yet 'monk' ghosts are also sighted in Germany and other parts of Europe and in Buddhist countries.

I've asked a couple of friends who have been raised as 'Christian' and their stock answer is that monks would be brought to heaven and that no they couldn't get lost, forget to go or be left behind, but that they would be fetched and looked after.

Maybe these days there are 100 tax accountants per monk and in the future there will be lots of sightings of tax accountant ghosts when there are fewer tax accountants (because in 3050 tax accountants are made redundant as everything is computerised).

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Posted: 25 Sep 2018 23:56
by bluelighttouch
I know of Gordon Smith :lol: he escaped MH's clutches because he refused to do their David Wells and Ian Lawman.. Never actually met Gordon but I know David and Ian. Both very good effective guys.

Not all apparitions are of a religous nature. There were good or bad in all religous communities.. The most common ghostly spectres seem to be solidiers throughout history. This might be because they had traumatic deaths and a massive outpourings of energy..Which often absorbs into the earth or the fabric of buildings and recordedas per Stone Tape theory with periodic replays of their routine parts of daily life in their time.

Monks were not all'C;oistered kinds, the churches traditionally worldwide were big land owners and as such Monks were involved in the day to day running of estate, farms, vineyard, brewing beer and wine was a way of prifying the water to prevent water borne diseases, hence Trappist beers..
Mostactual spirits that interact with us may not be aware they are dead or have some strong urge or task to perform which isso strong it keeps them earthbound.. Not all monks were good.. Rasputin for a start.

Many earth bound spirits maybe fearful of 'moving on' etc because of crimes etc and the fear of 'being judged'.. Victims of crime often Hang around in spirit to try to bring their attacker to justice..
Hit & run vixtims appear at the roadside or are seen sitting in the rear seat of cars passing the spot they died at..

Entities are any walk of life, any age and any era. I cannot comment on Nepal or Japan etc.
Some countries do not ackowledge ghosts or spirits..