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Post by jimmyb1688 » 19 Dec 2017 13:34

Why does yvette scream like that every time she hears a noise but all she says is show yourself or make a noise please. .... it really does my head in. ... I like the show but with yvette screaming every 5 mins it is off putting. .... please yvette calm down on your noise. .... the show about Shrewsbury prison was really good but the screams from yvette made me fast forward. ...

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Re: Ghost

Post by bluelighttouch » 20 Dec 2017 21:45

I know what you mean,it grates on me too.. I cannot stand that ind of behaviour.. She must think it makes good tv.. I think its preety awful..
Some of our Chiefs believe the land belongs to them...
But that is not what The Great Spirit told me... He said No one owns the land, that the land belongs to him. We are just keepers of the land, for our children and for their childrens childen.

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