Your thoughts please ??

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Re: Your thoughts please ??


Post by clarkey » 04 Dec 2014 13:27

Tbh this is one of the busiest roads, even in the sixties it was very busy as it was one of the main roads into my town, so much so the council paid for double glazing for the full length of the road. They built a by-pass about 15 years ago which takes a lot of the traffic now.
That's what makes me think the first photo must have been taken quite late at night, although would never see it that quiet now even at night. :lol:

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Post by bluelighttouch » 04 Dec 2014 16:10

Well its dark and the shop in the picture is closed and so that gives a clue to the time of day as does the street lights.. It seems to be winter due to the icy road.. I think old photos are a snapshot in time.. a piece of our history..
Some of our Chiefs believe the land belongs to them...
But that is not what The Great Spirit told me... He said No one owns the land, that the land belongs to him. We are just keepers of the land, for our children and for their childrens childen.

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