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Re: Has anyone ever had spirit visit them in a dream ??

Posted: 12 May 2013 11:17
by bluelighttouch
Ants are very industrious ... particularly in dreams ..:lol:

Re: Has anyone ever had spirit visit them in a dream ??

Posted: 09 Apr 2014 21:10
i dream of my nan alot.its always before she got dementia,and how i prefere to remember always back in their prefab,watching bullseye on a sunday evening,with her healthy and smiling at me.sounds silly i know but its lovely to go back there

Re: Has anyone ever had spirit visit them in a dream ??

Posted: 11 Apr 2014 15:44
by SandDancer
It doesn't sound silly at all K9. Must be very comforting to you. I rarely remember my dreams and the one that I do remember of my beloved Nana was vision only.....she was very busy in the dream which I seem to remember her always bustling around in life too. :)

Re: Has anyone ever had spirit visit them in a dream ??

Posted: 11 Apr 2014 19:47
yea i dont know if its idealistic in my dreams that shes well and healthy again,i guess we like to think that after they pass on,their health and vibrant ways return.maybe thats why i only visualise her as healthy. dementia is a horrible illness cos the person looks normal on the outside,yet theyre a shell on the inside.

Re: Has anyone ever had spirit visit them in a dream ??

Posted: 12 Apr 2014 09:24
by bluelighttouch
It is understandable that you will think of your nan in times of health rather than in illness... To see a person losing their normal everyday enjoyment or the ability to recognise loved ones is very sad... To remember someone in your dreams is sometimes just because they are on your mind. But if the dream is very very vivd and you wake up and recall it to a point whereby it has seemed very very real, it is possible it might have been a spiritual intervention, maybe with an inbuilt message or a memory.. just letting you know even that they are watching over you..

Re: Has anyone ever had spirit visit them in a dream ??

Posted: 01 Jul 2017 12:46
by bluelighttouch
This seems quite relevant at the moment as we all dream and just about all of us have over time lost a loved one, be it family menber or friends.. So it is natural that maybe on the annivesrsary of their passing we have them on our minds.. Our sub concious works in dream time, our brains in REM sleep are active processing thoughts and events that affect our lives.. So we do relibe things in our dreams, we do things in our dreams that we can only dream of, for example flying like an Eagle.. Looking down on all below..Seeing things from another perspective.. Is it a Dream or an Out of body exoerience, a little astral travelling maybe... New thoughts welcome, tell all ..

Re: Has anyone ever had spirit visit them in a dream ??

Posted: 03 Jul 2017 15:47
by Sherryanne
I have had many dreams of mum and dad since they passed.

With my mum some of them I am sure were visitation dreams. I think I have had 4 in all and in all I hugged my mum and knew she should be dead and that she was visiting. I haven't had one of those since a few weeks before dad died over a year ago. Though I have dreamt of them both several times since but I don't think these were visitation. I think they were just dreams.

In about three I had last month I was baking and cooking with my mum but I don't know why.

I have only had two dreams of my dad which seemed like they could be visitation and they were not as long and intense as with my mum. But in the first he briefly held my hand and in the next, which was only the following night, he thanked me for all I had done said he was so grateful. This was something dad often did in life.

I also had my aunt who was my dad's cousin and my mum's sister in law come to thank me on the evening of her funeral.

That night I literally just closed my eyes in bed and I was in her living room, the open fire roaring, as it always did, and there was just her in the room. She smiled at me and said, 'Thank you for coming!!' I was so shocked and it was so clear and vivid that I immediately opened my eyes. It was lovely though.

I do think she was thanking me as my mum couldn't go in the main car with my dad and her two sons as she wasn't well at the last minute. So I was asked to go with my dad. I was upset as I didn't want to go in the main car. It was because I didn't want to go to the house as they had brought her back there and it gave me the creeps. Thankfully I didn't have to go into that particular room so I was ok about it then.

When we got back afterwards I told her sons I would make the drinks and took over in the kitchen whilst they chatted with family and friends. It's a nice thought to think that my aunt knew all this and was showing her appreciation.

In the past, and when I was in my 20s and over I have had odd dreams where I was eating meals with my grandparents. It always felt real and I was always aware they should be dead.

I have also had dreams of my father in law coming back but, again, I have known he should be dead. In fact I have dreamt of being in the company of most of my aunts/uncles and am aware they should be dead. I had one a few nights ago about my mum's sisters but I don't remember any proper detail.

Re: Has anyone ever had spirit visit them in a dream ??

Posted: 01 Sep 2017 23:31
by cindy
I have had visits from my Mother and Grandfather both. My Mother has visited me many times. Unfortunately my dear Grandfather has visited me only once.
I believe that you can tell the difference and a dream. A visit is very real. You will always be able to remember every detail. A dream will fade in time.
This is of course only my humble opinion. I sure that each person may have quite a different view.


Re: Has anyone ever had spirit visit them in a dream ??

Posted: 02 Sep 2017 17:22
by Sherryanne
Actually I agree Cindy. Those visitation dreams are intense.

I thought I had had one two nights ago but am now not so sure. It didn't have that intensity and annoyingly I now don't remember it. I woke immediately after it and remembered it but having gone back to sleep almost immediately by morning it had gone. Which doesn't normally happen.

But I do remember I bumped up into my mum and dad in light area like that of a large shopping precinct. It wasn't crowded but I was aware of people walking about in the distance. Mum and dad looked very happy and well. Dad had a light grey suit on which he wore a lot in his younger days. They looked early 50's maybe a bit younger. They both spoke to me and I can't remember what was said!! But whatever it was I was very happy about, as that was the overall feel of the dream. I woke from it feeling really happy.

It's so annoying I can't remember it now lols!

Re: Has anyone ever had spirit visit them in a dream ??

Posted: 03 Sep 2017 17:35
by bluelighttouch
You often see them as a younger image and children, who grow up in spirit appear as older..

My mother appears as she was and its a daily occurance..
I never see my father but hear him if I am doing any DIY etc then he tells me off if I do it wrong.. I used to mess it up on purpose to get his reaction :lol: Like using his chisels across the grain of the wood gets an instant ticking off as does painting or varnishing my door panels..

Last week I had to give up my car due to mounting sight problems.. I was upset at losing my Independance and even more upset when I found out the Dealer I sold the car to lied thru his teeth about the value and what he paid me for it..
Hours later he advertised it at 3x what he gave me for it.. So I was angry and upset.. I know Pete had wanted to buy my car off me about 15 months ago.. But he was not well enough to drive it.. So I kept it and drove him everywhere.. He died on july 15th 2016 and on Friday he knew I couldn't sleep as I was soo upset and angry, so he kept singing a somg to me over and over....

The song was 'Let it go' from the kids movie Frozen.. Its His way of telling me to 'Let the anger go, let the car go and move on..' He was no singer :lol: Tone deaf but I heard him plain as day singing it to me that friday morning.

I had another way of getting even with the crooked car dealer.. I phoned him back and told him I knew he cheated me..He thought it was funny!! SoI told him he was a ;Lting,cheating Bastard!! Then I hung up on him...
I felt so much better after that. I feel ok now... but I have to go by bus or taxi now.