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by kayls
10 May 2010 10:03
Forum: General Paranormal Chat
Topic: my experiences
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my experiences

ive had a few experiences which could be paranormal....these are ones that i am yet to find an explanation for: 1. finding these little heart shaped glass things around the house, and i have no idea where they are coming from. they look a bit like this
by kayls
10 May 2010 09:56
Forum: General Paranormal Chat
Topic: paranormal investigations?
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paranormal investigations?

has anyone ever been on a paranormal investigation?

i havent, always wanted to though! :)

i think i would be a lot like yvette or cath on an investigation, lol, screaming a lot :D

even though i would probably get scared, i would enjoy it :)
by kayls
10 May 2010 09:54
Forum: Other Paranormal Shows
Topic: what is your favourite paranormal show?
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what is your favourite paranormal show?

most haunted is my favourite, but i also like ghosthunters, cause i enjoy what they do with evp and stuff.

what about you?
by kayls
10 May 2010 09:53
Forum: Most Haunted
Topic: next mhl?
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next mhl?

the next most haunted live is on in october, at halloween! :)

does anyone know where it will be from?
by kayls
10 May 2010 09:52
Forum: Most Haunted
Topic: favourite episode
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favourite episode

what is your favourite episode of mh?

i liked the pendle hill one, both the live and the one in the series, was pretty good :)

i think series 5 was one of the best series of mh, not sure why, i just think that :)

:ghost: :ghost: :ghost:
by kayls
10 May 2010 09:47
Forum: Welcome
Topic: welcome to all members
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welcome to all members

welcome to the forum everyone, hope you enjoy posting here :)

im kayls, the admin :)

im a student, from rochdale, and i am a big fan of mh :)

i love sweets and chocolate :sweets: im hyper :hyper: hahahahahahaha :)

im looking forward to meeting you all :)